Watch: Crytek’s ‘Codename: Sky Harbor’ VR Experience is a Bombastic, Visual Treat


Launched as part of Basemark’s VRScore benchmarking software, the Crytek developed VR tech demo Codename: Sky Harbor, is one of the most visually impressive examples of VR cinema around.

Direct from our time with Basemark’s promising virtual reality benchmarking suite, VRScore, here’s a full play-through of the included Crytek developed demo Codename: Sky Harbor, a sci-fi fantasy mini-epic that demonstrates what high production values and a keen sense of design can bring to an immersive experience. The VR short film puts you in the body of a lowly maintenance droid as he’s flown through the chaos of a hectic sky battle, before crash landing, becoming trapped – witnessing a series of impressive set pieces before he’s freed.

It’s a reminder that Crytek, and its Cryengine, have been behind some of the best looking VR out there. From the company’s early VR experiments with tech demo Back to Dinosaur Island through to Robinson: The Journey they certainly have a way of building virtual environments with scale and presence. It also makes me long for more short, cinematic experiences like Sky Harbour, a genre of VR which feels shamefully underpopulated right now.

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As of now, Sky Harbor is only available as part of Basemark’s VRScore benchmarking software, which is available to corporate customers now but will arrive in its free and professional guises in Q2 2017.

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  • Get Schwifty!

    Can’t wait to give this a try….

    • Firestorm185

      same here. Looks like a blast! XD (pun intended)

  • maiskorn123

    Can they please, please develop a full title out of this?? Absolutely stunning.

    • benz145

      Don’t worry, I’ve been bugging them about that since March last year ; )

      • user

        the robots could be secured on a rail system within the ships so that teleport locomotion between control stations makes sense.

  • Who’s Sony competing with anyway that they would waste their time and perhaps money on VR exclusive?

    VR that on PC that cost an enormous amount of cash to run?

  • Ah man… I was really thrilled for a moment there… until I found out it’s not available now.

  • Master E

    Looks great!

    Someone really needs to develop game engine that can make games in either regular mode and VR with relatively the same work.

    That way developers could reap the benefits without taking too much risk.

    Someone make it happen!

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    demonstrates what high production values and a keen sense of design can bring to an immersive

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