‘Among Us VR’ Coming to Quest 2 & PC VR November 10th


Social party game Among Us rose to viral success in the midst of the pandemic. Calls to bring the game’s ‘imposter-hunting’ gameplay to VR were immediate, and unofficial VR versions of the game sprang up in no time. Now the full blown Among Us VR remake is on the verge of release, as it’s slated to arrive November 10th.

Update (October 11th, 2022): At Connect 2022, Innersloth, Robot Teddy and Schell Games announced Among Us VR is coming to Quest 2 and PC VR headsets on November 10th. Pre-orders are open today.

The original article announcing Among Us VR follows below:

Original Article (December 10th, 2021): Among Us is a low-fi, top-down game about running around a spaceship with friends and trying to find out which one of you is secretly an imposter whose only goal is to kill everyone on board without being found out. During the pandemic the game skyrocketed in popularity, with nearly 400,000 concurrent players latching onto its unique social gameplay as a way to stay in touch with (and brutally betray) friends and family.

On the surface it might not look like the kind of game that’s screaming for a VR version, but if you’ve played it you’ll surely know how the social dynamic, much more than the graphics or mechanics, really makes the game shine.

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And on that front, a VR version of the game could be something truly special. With social VR offering such a powerful way to feel present with other people, bringing body-language into the mix could make for a wholly unique imposter-hunting experience.

We’ll find out soon enough how Among Us mixes with VR, because Innersloth, the studio behind the game, has announced that a full-blown Among Us VR game is in development.

The VR version of the game will adopt an immersive, first-person point of view supporting four to ten players, and is said to include “all the same core mechanics” from the original, including crewmate tasks, sabotages, and emergency meetings.

Our understanding is that the VR version of the game will not be compatible with the original version, but luckily a wide range of headsets will be supported; Among Us VR will be available on Quest 2, PlayStation VR, and SteamVR. We haven’t gotten official confirmation on cross-play and support for the original Quest, though we’ve reached out for confirmation.

Innersloth tapped one of VR’s most experienced studios, Schell Games, to make Among Us VR a reality. The studio has released some six VR titles since 2016, including popular games like I Expect You to Die and Until You Fall.

No release date for Among Us VR has been announced yet, but we expect to hear more next year.

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  • OMG, this is huge! Among US is very popular, and this will raise the popularity of VR even more!

    • Jan Ciger

      Assuming they can find enough players online simultaneously … The bane of all VR multiplayer.

      The popularity of the original game is also because anyone anywhere can play it, even on a phone. No need for expensive gadgetry that few have.

      Given that this is a mostly play-with-friends/party thing, will you find 5-10 friends with headsets to play this? (as it is very unlikely it will have cross-play with the original).

      I wish them luck but this doesn’t sound like one of smart business ideas to me.

      • philingreat

        Do you know the game Gorilla Tag…

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