Holiday shopping season is here and we’re keeping an eye on the best HTC Vive Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2018 deals.

Updated for Cyber Monday
November 26th – 3:04PM ET

HTC Vive Price Baseline

It’s important to keep in mind the base price of the headset so you can make an informed decision when purchasing. The standard price of the Vive lineup without any discounts or sales is as follows:

  • Original Vive – $500
  • Vive Pro (headset only) – $800
  • Vive Pro Starter Kit (1.0 peripherals) – $1,100
  • Vive Pro Full Kit (2.0 peripherals) – $1,400

The Best HTC Vive Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2018 Deal

Image courtesy HTC

Unfortunately HTC isn’t offering any official deal on the original Vive; you’ll find it for $500 on Amazon and elsewhere as usual. We’ll continue to scout for third-party deals and update as we find them.

That leaves just the Vive Pro, where indeed some deals are available. The best Vive Pro Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2018 deal so far is Vive Pro (headset only) for $650 from Micro Center (an 18.75% discount). Important Note: this deal is for the headset only, and doesn’t include the tracking base stations or controllers needed to do almost anything with the device. So unless you already have base stations and controllers (those from the original Vive will work fine), or know where to get some cheaply, you’ll want to opt for either the original Vive or a Vive Pro Starter Kit or Full Kit instead.

HTC also isn’t offering any Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal on the Vive Pro Starter Kit. In which case, the other option is the Vive Pro Full Kit (which includes 2.0 base stations and controllers). The best deal there is the Vive Pro Full Kit for $1,200 from Amazon (a 14% discount). The deal is eligible for fast & free shipping with Amazon Prime.

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HTC Vive Black Friday & Cyber Monday Game Deals

Running now through November 27th, Steam’s Autumn Sale is the best place to go for Black Friday discounts on Vive games. You can see all of the currently discounted games here. Here’s a few standouts among the heaps of discounted titles:


Individual Games:

In addition to the Steam Autumn Sale, HTC is also running a few promotions for content on its Viveport platform through November 27th:

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  • Luke

    Vive was too expansive so I bought an Oculus. Valve change your target for next gen please.

    • gothicvillas

      Mercedes was too expensive for you and you bought Opel. Fair enough.

      • Luke

        but imho vive is just an opel too if you buy a third sensor for oculus. plus have haptics and it recognise the movement of index and thums fingers.

  • Croteam’s VR bundle is a crazy value proposition as well. I have 70 hours spread out over these games and have yet to play SS2:

  • 200$ of discount on the Pro is not bad

  • Da Mo (JFlash)

    I don’t understand why V2 Light stations are $300 more they are supposed to be cheaper to make that was the whole point theres no other advantage?