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VR Research

The Problem With Projections and What Makes the Just-released ‘2016 VR Industry Report’ Different

Today we publish the 2016 Virtual Reality Industry Report. Co-authored with VR business intelligence firm Greenlight VR, the report is a distillation of years of experience,...

GTC 2016 Highlight: NVIDIA to Explore Prototype Design of Next-gen VR & AR Headsets

At GTC 2016 next week, NVIDIA Research will take to the stage to explore "computational display" prototypes for next-generation fidelity and form-factors in VR and...

Goldman Sachs: VR and AR “Will Be the Next Generation Computing Platform”

Many following the resurgence of VR starting with Oculus' 2012 Kickstarter have bet their careers that VR and AR will be a disruptive technology,...

Explore the Psychological Impacts of Solitary Confinement in ‘6×9’

One of the best narrative VR experiences that I had at Sundance New Frontier was 6x9, an immersive experience of solitary confinement. You might...

Exploring Research into the Virtual Body Ownership Illusion

Domna Banakou is a Ph.D. student studying with Mel Slater at the Event Lab in Barcelona, Spain. She's been researching different aspects of the...

Oculus Research Collaborator Talks Tracking Facial Expressions While Wearing a VR Headset

Hao Li is an assistant professor at USC who has been collaborating with Oculus Research on facial tracking while wearing a virtual reality headset....

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