Conan Visits YouTube’s Mixed Reality VR Lab

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Late night talk show host Conan O’Brien visits YouTube Space New York to check out their mixed reality VR lab. Although he can’t avoid the low hanging fruit of VR porn jokes (NSFW), he does seem to have a good time.

Conan gets a tour of the HTC Vive filmed with a mixed reality setup. He tries Tilt Brush, Job Simulator, and VR Boxing.

One thing I find interesting is that he didn’t mention the headset or the controllers once. Granted, a bunch of the material was cut out, but he seemed mostly focused on the virtual world, not the hardware rendering it. And that’s what VR is really all about: making the hardware invisible so that you can forget that you’re wearing a headset and holding controllers. Either way, the audience loved it.

Conan, and his late night talk show by the same name, are no strangers to VR. Back in 2015 the show’s official app added support for viewing 360 videos via Cardboard, handed out a custom branded Cardboard viewer, and has done a number of special events shot in 360.

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With consumer headsets having hit shelves over the last year, and Google’s Daydream opening the door to more widespread high quality mobile VR, we hope to see Conan continue to embrace the technology.

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    +1 this guy is so funny rofl

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