DAVIGO is an upcoming VR game which pits players against each other in a David & Goliath-style battle. There’s no official release day yet, however the game’s alpha just got a big update that brings a bunch of new mechanics to the game.

Davigo lets a VR giant take on a pint-sized PC player, making for some epic, fast-twitch gameplay.

First launched into public alpha back in May 2020, Davigo just graduated to its ‘Alpha 2’ phase, which the studio says refines the core giant-versus-warrior gameplay previously seen in the Public Alpha.

“New features include a health system for both players and new warrior mechanics, such as flying, dodging, and shields. We’ve added a new map called Kairos and the ability to build and play custom, community-made maps,” the studio says in a Patreon update.

There’s still plenty left to do before its release in Early Access. The ultimate vision of the game, the studio says, includes online multiplayer, matchmaking, and native Quest support too in addition to its launch on SteamVR-compatible headsets.

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“While apps like Parsec allow you to play Davigo online, native networking will be more user-friendly and opens up the possibility of Quest support,” Davigo Studio says. “It’s a unique challenge given the physics-based gameplay and technical constraints of mobile VR, but one that we’ve gotten tremendous community support for.”

To fund the game’s development, the studio is currently running a Patreon which includes immediate access to the alpha. Provided you’ve donated at least $25 to the cause, it also includes a copy of the game at launch. There’s still no indication when that will be, but you can bet the team is working to make sure its Quest port comes front and center when it does.

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  • xyzs

    Still looking like a test scene.

  • Krozin

    Looks fun, just needs some major fluff to the visuals