Less than 24 hours after release, DiRT Rally VR has received support from Revive, allowing HTC Vive owners to enjoy Codemasters’ excellent racing title on their VR headsets.

LibreVR, the developer behind Revive, has added support for Codemaster’s DiRT Rally VR. The update comes a mere day after it appeared on the Oculus Home store, and Rift support was patched into its Steam version, this is another impressive turnaround from the LibreVR team who already support a large number of Oculus Home games.

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See Also: Platform Politics: Inside the Oculus and ‘Revive’ Dilemma

For the uninitiated, Revive allows HTC Vive owners to play games intended to run on the Oculus Rift platform.  Its existence has been occasionally controversial but Revive has undeniably become an essential tool for many Vive owners.

Like all other Revive compatible titles, this update works on both the Oculus Home and Steam versions of the game, but requires Oculus Home to be installed to run.

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See Also: Latest ‘Revive’ Update Lets You Play 35 Oculus Home Games on HTC Vive

Thanks to Revive it would appear that the days of scanning developer Tweets and forums for news of Vive ports are numbered, and following Oculus’ change of heart regarding headset checks as part of software DRM, you don’t even have to feel bad about using it.

DiRT Rally VR is now available on Oculus Home and Steam platforms. The official VR support was added via a Steam update to the original title, meaning those who already have the game receive it for free.

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Thanks to Toms Hardware for the heads up.

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  • Raphael

    Yes, it works well. Took me hours to get it going though because I thought I had to copy the revive dll files out of the x86 and x64 folders and deposit in the root of Dirt Rally. Wrong! Have to extract reVive files complete with folders into the dirt rally folder. Thanks to reVive developer for helping determine my problem. Dirt Rally with body vibration + VR is very good.

  • Graham J ⭐️

    hmm kinda wishing I had picked up DR while it was on sale, but even then it was very expensive. I’ll stick with Project Cars for now methinks.

    • El_MUERkO

      Get if from cdkeys if you have to, I enjoy project cars but Dirt Rally is perfect for VR, there’s a real sense that the VR is making you a better driver, able to judge the distance to obstacles and thread the eye of a needle, it’s right up their with the best VR experiences I’ve experienced.

      • Graham J ⭐️

        Ya eh, that does sound good. One problem with driving in VR right now is the fairly low angular resolution so distant objects are pretty pixelated. I can see that being less of an issue with rally as your next turn is usually pretty close vs. some of the long stretches in PR. Plus bumping around dirt roads has to be a more visceral experience.

        Ok I think I just talked myself into it, with your help hehe… Thanks for the review!

  • PianoMan

    For those wanting DR for £17. You can get it on http://www.cdkeys.com still. I bought it yesterday. Saves spending £40.

  • Michael Davidson

    This is nice, although I’d much rather it just support the Vive. Too many people seem to think the Vive only does “roomscale”, which is completely wrong.

  • Aragon

    Played it yesterday on the Vive, works nice, but had some issues with Motion sickness. Despite that I’am still not sure if it is really a better exprience than just playing it on a 4K Television where you are able to much better recognize the terrain.

    • Raphael

      Every other vr user I’ve read comments from loves it on vr. Sounds like vr isn’t really fit you. 4k is great for throwing a lot of pixels at you but you’re getting a compressed, miniature 2d represenation of the game world. I got tired of playing games that way long before oculus was ever a thing.

  • bschuler

    Meh, I’m still not installing Facebook’s Oculus home tracking software unless they come out with a game that prints out real $100 bills. I can either wait for Vive support or the smart developer who beats Dirt Rally VR to bring Rally VR to the Vive.