Envelop VR, a company working on a productivity focused virtual reality environment, today announced they’d closed their Series A funding at $5.5 million with additional investment from Google Ventures.

While VR is great for entertainment, it’s also has potential to revolutionize the way we work. For many, work is done at a desk on a computer monitor which is limited in both size and functionality. Some of us work with two or even three monitors to increase efficiency.

Along comes VR and with it, the dream of being able to float your windows around you in a limitless space not restricted by the edges of a monitor. Envelop VR is working to make this a reality with the Envelop Virtual Environment, as they call it.

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Having raised a Seed round of $2 million, the new $5.5 million Series A brings the company’s total funding to $7.5 million.

Beyond just creating a limitless workspace and allowing users to use existing desktop apps freely in VR, the company also wants to allow those apps to interface with the virtual environment. For instance, maybe you are working with a 3D model in Maya; instead of seeing it on a flat plane, it could be possible to make that model appear at life size right next to you in the virtual environment.

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Envelop says they’ll be launching their platform later this year as major headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive become available.

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  • Steve B

    This sounds so cool. I would love to use something like this while 3D modeling and doing day to day work. Would this operate as a standalone program similar to Virtual Desktop or would it be an entirely new OS?

  • user

    Nice short-term solution

  • Pushpak Kypuram

    VR 3d designing will help architects and interior designers to visualize in real time and create better spaces in future. looking forward for the technology, i just hope my eye sigh is good enough to experience VR headsets,

  • Foreign Devil

    As someone who is both into creating CG art AND day trading. .this hold so much promise!

  • CarlosTSG

    I can’t imagine spending 7 hours a day working on spreadsheets in VR?

    • Mr. Scott

      I can’t imagine spending 7 hours a day working on spreadsheets.