Free ‘Farpoint’ DLC Adds 1v1 Multiplayer Combat & Expanded Weapon Selection, Now Available


Farpoint (2017), PSVR’s bug-shooting showcase for the mightily impressive PS Aim, has had one free expansion so far, the ‘Cryo Pack’, which added additional co-op levels and challenge mode. Now the game has just received its next free DLC in the form of ‘Versus’, an update that greatly expands the game with two different 1v1 multiplayer modes while bumping the game’s weapon roster up from 5 to 20.

Update (12/06/17): Impulse Gear has finally pushed the free update to PSN. which includes two truly game-changing 1v1 modes; deathmatch and a point capture mode called ‘uplink’. Both require players to have PS Plus memberships.

Impulse Gear co-founder Seth Luisi explains the new gameplay modes in a PlayStation blog post announcing the DLC’s release:

“A key part of the gameplay is capturing enemy spawn points. If you capture them the enemies will fight on your side. Each enemy type has a different function and abilities so choosing which one to spawn, and when, is a tactical decision. As an example, Grunt enemies will stay near you and act as body guards. Drones will scan and search for the other player. You can follow them to find out where the other player might be hiding. The Goobers act as artillery, lobbing acid balls down on the enemy player and enemy AI. You can only have a limited number of active allies at one time so you will want to be selective who you summon.”

Original article (10/31/17): The multiplayer mode is offering a few different game modes, including death match and a capture-the-point mode. There’s also a few different maps as well, although it isn’t clear at the time of this writing exactly what those will be. Keep your eyes peeled to the PlayStation blog for more information.

You’d be right to think 1v1 sounds pretty lonely, but Impluse Gear has thrown in map objectives to capture which summon a small army of computer-controlled enemies (the one’s you’re already familiar with from single player mode, yeech) who attack the opposing player for you. This adds a tactical element that a simple 1v1 can’t, and we can’t wait to try it for ourselves.

image courtesy Impulse Gear

When we spoke with the Impulse Gear devs at a special Sony event yesterday, they told us multiplayer mode was the number one feature requested by players—no wonder, considering informal death matches have been going on since the launch of the game back in May.

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As for the weapons, the 20 weapons aren’t exactly distinct guns in their own right, as they’re more variants of the 5 original guns found in the game: Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Precision Rifle, Needle Gun, and Plasma Rifle. Simply put, you’ll be able to get your hands on four different Assault Rifles, four different Shotguns, etc, each with their own skins and stats.

There’s no word on exactly when ‘Versus’ will roll out, but we’ll be updating this article as soon as we know.

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