Google’s Tilt Brush (2016) has shaped up to be a fully-featured VR creation tool since the app’s initial launch in April 2016 on HTC Vive, adding things like support for Oculus Rift, integration with Google’s other 3D VR creation tool Blocks (2017), and the ability to export creations to Sktechfab. Now, Google is making Tilt Brush easier with its new ‘Beginner Mode’ so newcomers aren’t so overwhelmed by the app’s growing tools and features.

Now Tilt Brush is divided into an Advanced Mode, and a Beginner Mode, which is set as the default the first time you launch the app. Once you’re ready for more tools, you simply have to toggle Advanced Mode, and you’ll have access to all additional features outside the core tool set.

The latest update also brought with it a number of new effects, tools, and fixes that should make creating things in Tilt Brush an easier experience all around. Here’s a quick list, taken from the Google blogpost announcing the update:

  • 12 new brushes – let you create different textures and volumes. With these new brushes, you can create a natural landscape or lifelike characters. One of our favorites is the Hull Brush, which allows you to easily paint three dimensional objects by simply moving your controller.
  • New ambiance – If you listen closely, you’ll notice our updated set of sound effects designed to enhance your creation process.
  • Sketch organization – We created the Pin Tool so you can quickly lock your objects in place when creating densely populated masterpieces. When you pin objects in place, they are unselectable, making it easier to manipulate the scene around them.
  • Mirror tool update – If you lose your Mirror in a busy scene or wander away from it in your sketch, you can click the Recall Mirror Tool to move it right next to you.
  • Better object selection We added new selection features to save you time when editing sketches. You can now select all items in a sketch as well as invert selections that you have made.
  • Quicker edits – Iteration has always been an important aspect of the creative process. You can now quickly undo or redo many brush actions by holding the controller button until the scene gets back to the way you want it.

Tilt Brush, once a freebie with purchase of HTC Vive, now sells for $20 on both Steam and the Oculus Store.

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  • A great product, for sure. I love seeing what artists create with Tilt Brush and Medium