Beat Saber update last week was mostly full of fixes and under the hood changes, but it also added a secret song that could be unlocked by solving a riddle offered by the developers. A newer update has unlocked the new track ‘Angel Voices’ for all players.

Update (July 23rd, 2018): The Beat Saber v0.11.1 patch has unlocked the new song by default. You no longer need to solve the riddle to unlock the track, instead you’ll find it in the default song list.

The hidden song is called ‘Angel Voices’ by artist Virtual Self. As far as Beat Saber’s official songs go, it’s a beast, clocking in at 6 minutes and 12 seconds at 166 BPM with 1,202 notes (on expert), which is about three or four times the length of most of the original songs.

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The original article, including the solution that previously unlocked the hidden track, continues below.

Original Article (July 20, 2018): Beat Saber got an update to v0.11.0 today, and while you’ll still have to wait until a future update brings the promised custom song editor, the developers have previewed a bit of what’s to come by hiding a new song in the game. The only clue they offered for those who want to unlock it is as follows:

Go to the place where your journey should have started.
Maybe something is meant to be otherwise than stated.

If you aren’t in the mood to go searching, you can watch the video below for the solution. Spoiler Alert: the video contains the answer to the riddle.

The v0.11.0 update to Beat Saber also brought a series of other welcomed changes; the official changelog is noted here:

  • Settings for how in-game menu can be triggered added (instantly or long press)
  • Volume settings added
  • Swap Colors settings added
  • Static Lights gameplay options added
  • No Obstacles gameplay options added
  • “Cut in any direction” tutorial voiceover and text added
  • Fixed simultaneous vibration of both Oculus Touch controllers (only with -vrmode oculus)
  • Fixed calculation of maximum possible score
  • Fixed bug where you can spawn too far from the platform
  • Legendary Hardcore Flying Car!

The studio also said the update brings “heavy refactoring of almost everything inside,” which ought to pave the way for the upcoming custom track editor.

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PSA for any hardcore Beat Saber players out there who have installed custom music, be aware that this update will likely break your custom library, and you’ll need to install new versions of mods to get everything working again.

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  • gothicvillas

    Do not update Beat Saber !!!! Or you will loose customs songs and so far no solution to get them back. Game has become bare bones with only original tracks.

    • Serpher

      There is a patch for custom songs, but at this moment after you play one track, the list goes to default bare bones, so you have to restart it. It should be fixed quickly.

      • gothicvillas

        Yes it is fixed now!! Happy days:)

  • JJ

    I first thought Beatsaber was an over-hyped and paid for advertising type of game, so i stayed away. Then i fell to curiosity and bought it.
    It was pretty fun for a while i played for hours and streamed for a few weeks straight playing.
    Now, its already collecting dust…. the depth of custom songs just wasn’t enough to keep me around. Maybe ill pull it out for parties or to see what new songs are out but the beat saber fad seams to be pretty short lived and dwindling.

    Its also pretty obvious that i’m a tough critic towards vr games, so most of you won’t agree with me, even though i’m just being honest and discussing what my experience was.

    • gothicvillas

      Well, Beat Saber is a highlight in my household. Absolutely everyone plays it old and young. What did you expect?

    • MatrixGuy

      I have a similar opinion and refunded the game a few hours after buying it.
      They revealed on twitter a while ago that the game has nothing to do with rhythm for one. As someone who somewhat competitively plays rhythm games like osu! and SOUND VOLTEX the quality of game, features, and amount of songs was nothing like I expected it to be after seeing the insanely positive reviews on steam and after being out for such a long time already after clearly making a lot of money off of it. It’s a good game but in my (spoiled) opinion it is very much not deserving of the huge praise it has received. Comparing it to osu! and SV isn’t very fair as the devs (hopefully) aren’t stupid enough to try to compete with them, but osu! is free and so are many other much better established rhythm games with much larger and better communities. If you bought it as a typical consumer it’s probably fine, but coming from other rhythm games, I really didn’t like it, but it’s pretty much my fault for expecting too much from it. :|

    • Dave

      I agree. Is roadtovr sponsored by beatsaber these days?

      • JJ

        lol I used to make comments like that and RtoVR would delete them… so yes BeatSaber is paying them one way or another

  • Jay degaris

    All the Custom songs including this Article is a MAJOR COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT! They should be shut down. How convenient that a developer allows thousands of people to download copyrighted songs which they profit from, PURE PIRACY you skum bags!

    • JJ

      First off its not.
      Secondly, why the F would you think this article does or even CAN infringe on copyright material…?
      I’m not all for piracy but you are just a nut case.

      Please tell us how this article is MAJOR COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT, because i’d love the entertainment!