The HTC Vive opened for pre-orders back at the end of February and officially launched just last week on April 5th. The headset’s backorder date is now into June for new orders.

After the initial wave of pre-orders for the HTC Vive, which purportedly pre-sold some 15,000 headsets in the first 10 minutes, the backorder date—the expected shipping date for new orders—held steady in May. For the first time the headset’s order page is showing a June shipping date for newly placed orders.

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Across all regions, the official order page says shipments of orders placed today are expected to go out “around June 2016.” The backorder date for the Oculus Rift recently shifted from July to August.

It isn’t clear whether the change in backorder date is due to increased demand, reduced production capacity, or possibly shipping-related delays. The Vive has suffered some minor setbacks on initial shipments due to payment processing issues, though the impact doesn’t seem to be as widespread or significant as the Rift delay.

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  • OhYeah!

    The only reason I couldn’t order earlier is because the Oculus payment mechanism was borked so I had to keep trying until it finally worked. Now I have to wait until the end of May, thanks oculus!

    • Simon Graham

      I ordered within seconds of it going live. I’ve just had an email with an earliest date of 06/06/16 as shipment date.

  • Angie Garcia-baltzell

    My occulus was suppose to be june now its august. I know im not getting it then either. Other people ordered before me are getting august too. No i see vive is going the same way. Bought a merge. Getting it friday. I can get my fix.

    • Rob Haskins

      lol sorry you bought that garbage. Guess gamestops marketing is too strong for you. Only VR that comes close to the real thing is the GearVR.

      • Marquise

        Your high

      • Raphael

        Too dumb to live but somehow you’re still here…. Praise jesus!!!!!!

    • disqus_GB8lUuziuG

      My Oculus was supposed to be April now it’s going to be June.

  • @limatangoalpha

    Pre-ordering the HTC Vive has been a painful experience:


  • No way im waiting that long!

    So I won’t get the HTC VR if I ordered it on 5/ 25/ 16 until June?!
    Please Don’t tell me this is true!

    • RW

      I ordered my vive on 5.25.16 and its already shipped, its expected to arrive 6.1.16 so seems like its going ok