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Hey VR Enthusiasts! The world of VR is evolving faster than ever, and we totally get the importance of comfort during those epic gaming marathons or deep-dives into virtual exploration. That’s why we’re stoked to introduce you to something we’re incredibly proud of: the DESTEK QH3 Pressure-Free Head Strap. It’s been crafted especially with Oculus/Meta Quest 3 users in mind. Read on for an exclusive Amazon discount code!

Your Comfort, Our Blueprint

Ever felt that nagging weight during long sessions? Our new strap design is here to change the game. With side, top, and rear brace adjustments, you’ve got the reins to find your perfect fit. Say goodbye to distractions and hello to endless hours of pure VR joy.

Setting It Up? Easy Peasy!

Ditch those complex instruction manuals. Our intuitive design ensures you’ll have the strap ready on your Quest 3 in no time. Heck, even your little sibling or kid can do it. Seriously, give it a try!

Built to Last, But Super Flexible: We’re talking side straps that fold a whopping 180° and are crafted from super-strong POM polymer. And for those who like to tweak and twist things often, rest assured, these straps can take it.


No More “Face Squeeze” Moments

Feel the magic of our top knob which spreads out that facial pressure. Plus, with the dual-knob setup, your VR headset will feel rock-solid. Many of you asked for a worthy upgrade from the Quest 3 elite strap. We think we’ve nailed it.

Cushioned Bliss: Get ready to treat your head with our plush cushions. Merging a springy memory foam pad with a sleek PU leather exterior, we’ve created something both comfortable and easy to keep clean.

Final Thoughts and an Exclusive Amazon Promo Code!

The DESTEK QH3 Pressure-Free Head Strap isn’t just another accessory. It’s our answer to the passionate feedback and needs of the VR community. Dive in, stay longer, and savor a pressure-free experience.

Act Fast! For 7 days only, grab your DESTEK QH3 Pressure-Free Head Strap for $34.99 plus an exclusive 10% discount. Stock is limited to 300 pieces, so don’t miss out on this special offer!

Amazon Promotion Code (enter at check-out): CH5WKBL7

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