seahorses_1136.0Magic Leap is fast becoming legendary in the field of augmented reality for technology very few people have seen or know anything about. That may all change soon however as it’s been announced that the technology will be used in a unique collaboration with SFX house Framestore as part of a UK festival.

Magic Leap: from Vapourware to Reality

‘Vapourware’ is a disparaging term used to reflect a technology that exists merely on paper or in the minds of it’s creators. As such, it’s probably unfair to level it at Magic Leap, the company who’s so called ‘Digital Lightfield‘ technology is wowing those lucky enough to see it behind securely closed doors. However, rarely has there been so much hype surrounding something that very few people have seen or even really know that much about.

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Professor Brian Cox

So, when news emerges that details when the general public might be able to see this new wonder-technology in action, it’s worth noting. The BBC reports that Magic Leap are to join forces with Framestore, the special effects house responsible for the hit motion picture Gravity, for an event forming part of the Manchester International Festival in the UK. The event, titles ‘The Age of Starlight’ is a live event put together with help of UK TV Physicist and all-round Science celebrity Professor Brian Cox.

Professor Cox, recently journeyed to Miami to see Magic Leap’s tech for himself and came away suitably impressed. “It’s the premiere of a technology that allows you to put digital images into your field of vision directly,” he said. “I saw the prototype in Miami a few months ago and it’s stunning.” Of the UK event itself, Cox says “I want people to stagger out and have to have a sit-down for a long time before they go home.”

Magic LeapHe’s not the only one impressed. Graeme Devine who’s worked as VP of R&D at Virgin Games, a Game Designer at iD Software, Lead Game Designer at Ensemble Studios and Microsoft, and has also worked in a gaming capacity at Apple. On his time with Magic Leap Devine said “…I signed the NDA and they showed me a video and I said ‘No, that is impossible. That thing does not… that’s impossible. I know what is possible and impossible—I’ve been at Apple for two years, I helped launch the iPad—that is impossible. I will come to Florida and I will call you charlatans’,” he told the audience at Unite recently. “…I walk into their office… I stuck my head into what’s called ‘The Beast’—if you’ve ever seen the movie Brainstorm, it’s like the original Brainstorm thing—and, holy cow… it was real. Absolutely incredible. I couldn’t believe it. I made myself a very bad deal and said “I’ll will help you’, within 20 seconds—I couldn’t believe what was possible.”magic-leap-eleIf the schedule for this event holds, it means that Magic Leap are preparing to start showing their technology in public very soon. ‘The Age of Starlight‘ is set to open alongside the Manchester International Festival in July 2015, which means the technology will have to work well enough for public use.

Does this all mean we’re in store to see a big reveal between now and then? It seems pretty likely. Let’s not forget, CES 2015 looms large on the horizon, perhaps the secretive veil on Magic Leap and it’s ‘Digital Lightfield’ tech will be lifted at the event. Road to VR will be at CES 2015, just in case.

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