Launched in February as a PSVR exclusive, Polyarc’s Moss has enjoyed a broadly positive reception and has managed to maintain a perfect five star rating after more than 550 player reviews on the PlayStation Store.

Having jumped into February’s Top 10 PSVR downloads after being released for just two days (on February 27th), Moss has now leapt to the #1 spot as the most downloaded PSVR title in March.

For anyone who has played the game, that won’t come as much of a surprise. Moss is one of PSVR’s best looking games, and offers a unique gameplay approach which has the player controlling Quill—the game’s adorable mouse character—while also interacting with the virtual world at human-scale to help Quill surmount larger obstacles.

'Moss' Review (PSVR) – The Opening Chapter of an Adorable Adventurer

Impressively, after more than 550 reviews at the time of writing, Moss boasts a perfect five star player rating on the PlayStation Store. To our knowledge, it’s the only PSVR title presently managing that feat (excluding outliers with less than 10 reviews). That’s not to say that no one has rated Moss worse than five stars—as the PS Store appears to round ratings to the nearest half star—but other top PSVR games like Job Simulator, Superhot VR, and Skyrim VR have only managed the four and a half star mark.

The positive reception of their debut game bodes well for developer Polyarc, who have clearly built Moss as an extensible IP, with the game presented as a ‘first chapter’ of sorts, ending with a clear promise of future adventures to come.

Image courtesy Polyarc

And while the studio hasn’t made any official announcements on what’s next, Polyarc Animation Director Rick Lico recently offered a few hints on the PlayStation Blog that the studio isn’t resting on its laurels.

“Like any small, indy startup, we have a bigger plan we’d like to accomplish. We’re hoping that, thanks to our amazing fans, things will go well so we can see this plan through to completion. Fingers crossed,” Lico said in response to a commenter. “We’re working hard to make sure [fans don’t have to wait excessively for the next chapter],” he said to another.

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  • Luke

    will it come on PC?

    • Firestorm185

      I hope so. I’d love to play on my Rift, but shelling out another 300$ for a PSVR when it’s not as good an experience just doesn’t seem right to me…

      • Luke

        I’ll buy a ps4 for exclusives after ps5 will be released, but I’ll not buy psvr.
        now I’ll play pc flat games/oculus vr so I hope the same will happen with resident evil 7 because it’s impossible I’ll go to spend 300 euro for the sony headset.

        the only think that may turn the tables is for the next gen, if sony make a good headset that works also on pc for steam games, but it should be as good as oculus CV2 for tracking expecially.

        • Firestorm185

          And it 100% needs to come bundled with the PS5 when it comes.

          • Alexisms

            No, it won’t. VR is fab but it’s not for everyone. It would vastly inflate the price of the ps5. Look what happened to the xbox one when ms insisted it came with the kinect?

          • Firestorm185

            Well I meant something more like a bundle, but yeah, I get what you’re sayin.

    • ShiftyInc

      It supposed to be a timed exclusive, so i would say maybe after a year.

  • impurekind


  • Stefan Küppers

    I am just happy to see that small, unique titles that don’t follow the fully imersed waveshooter pattern still do well.

  • gothicvillas

    I’m not surprised vr game which is not wave shooter is selling well

  • Greg A

    Moss is the best psvr game out. It’s weird but you somehow get sucked into the game emotionally. Only bad thing is that it’s so short. I don’t even touch my psvr anymore, it’s not a great vr, but I’m waiting on the second chapter for moss.