Sander Sneek, developer of Soundscape VR and semi-finalist in the IndieCade Leap Motion 3D Jam, has recently issued an update to his beat-mixing jam machine that adds a few more bells and whistles, fleshing out the demo to an experience that could have us spending much more time in the Tron-inspired space than ever.

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Updated Features include:

  • New design
  • New Unity3D v4.6 UI integration
  • Tutorial mode

In future iterations Sneek also plans on releasing a few more goodies to bridge the consumption gap—making the experience much more accessible that for now exclusively uses the Oculus DK2 and hand-tracking Leap Motion controller. Future updates may include:

  • Xbox controller support
  • Gear VR support
  • Google Cardboard support
  • Sampler
  • Extra drumcomputer samples
  • Volume + bpm control
  • Swipe Gesture for Leap Motion Passthrough Camera

With the recent design refresh really starting to resemble a full-featured experience, we hope Soundscape VR can continue to innovate and open up this alien mixing board to as many people as possible.

Download Soundscape VR (Leap Motion Required)

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  • crim3

    It´s that kind of VR application that when you see it you know you are watching a glimpse of the near future.