We’ve been waiting for a playable slice of White Lotus Interactive’s Oculus Rift enabled title ‘Xing: The Land Beyond’ since the team teased it might be on its way shortly after this year’s E3 expo.

The game, which successfully completed its Kickstarter campaign last year, is a first person, puzzle / adventure title, very much influenced by the classic Myst series on PC. The 3 person team have wowed visitors at recent expos, and stands as one of the most promising title in development for Oculus’ VR Headset. The newly released demo seems to be a version of demos shown at those shows.

Our idea is to take players on a beautiful, fantastical and spiritual journey through the afterlife. It is non-combative and there are no time-restraints. We want players to feel intrigued by the story and puzzles presented, but also relaxed in the lush environments we create using the Unreal Engine 4.

You can grab the demo via Oculus’ ‘Share’ portal here. The team would also like to hear what you thought of the demo, you can let them know via this short survey. Finally, you can keep up to date with the White Lotus Interactive team and Xing’s development here.

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