Developer Shaun Edwards (aka Sh0v), not content with producing Lunar Flight, one of the best early VR enabled games for the Oculus Rift, is already releasing a playable demo of his second VR-enabled title. Lucid VR Games has been working on hard on ZVR Apocalypse, a virtual reality zombie shoot ’em with a neat twist, the zombies shoot back.

Download the ZVR Apocalypse Playable Demo Here

Today the team released a fully playable demo in order to give potential backers of their Kickstarter campaign a taste of what to expect. The new demo shows off a host of gameplay features, some of which are the developers attempting to find solutions to known problems in virtual reality gaming, still in its infancy right now. The demo lets you experience the game’s first and third person modes, cover systems, calling in air strikes and (perhaps best of all) lets you enjoy your zombie destruction in bullet-time.

As this demo is pre-alpha, the team are particularly interested in player feedback, especially on certain control mechanisms the team are introducing here for the first time. You can join the discussion and give the team your opinion over at the /r/oculus thread here.

ZVR’s Kickstarter launched recently and is currently over a third funded with around 10 days left. If you’re interested in supporting the game, head over to support the Kickstarter now.

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