oculus-rift-accessoriesEarlier this year Oculus began offering additional Sensors for sale along with and their new Earphones. Now all the in-the-box accessories can be purchased as well.

Oculus is now selling four replacement products for items that come in the Rift box: the Remote ($29), headset cable ($49), on-ear headphones ($39), and ‘Fit’ ($29, what the company is calling the headset’s foam facial interface). The pricing seems fairly reasonable, though is largely more expensive than similar replacement accessories offered for the HTC Vive.

With the recent addition of experimental support for ‘room-scale’ experiences on the Rift, many have asked Oculus to offer a longer headset cable, though the one now available separately is the same 4 meter length as the original.

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In a recent blog post, Oculus has recommended this third-party HDMI cable, but warns that the Rift isn’t designed to work with longer cables and that they haven’t done enough testing to guarantee it will work. If you’re using an HDMI extension, you’ll also need to extend the USB end of the same cable, for which Oculus suggests (and again, doesn’t guarantee) this USB 3.0 extension cable. USB cable extensions for Sensors are in the same boat, with Oculus giving unofficial recommendations for active USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 cables.

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  • Pre Seznik

    Good. Nevermind the prices – this sort of thing needs to be available.

  • NooYawker

    I suggest going to VR Cover, they’re on amazon as well for headset padding. I bought some thin ones for my Vive and they’re great.

  • George Vieira IV

    Nice to see, though I wish the “facial interface” was about $10 cheaper. For a part that will inevitably get filthy, replacement should be cheap.

  • Steve Biegun

    $29 seems steep for a molded foam cover, no?

    • beestee
    • psuedonymous

      It”s not just a replacement for the outer surface. It’s the full medium-durometer plastic moulding, plus open-cell foam layer, plus high-density closed-cell layer, plus Neoprene (?) top layer, all bonded together.

      • Peter Hansen

        Ok, THEN it is something completely different. Not.

        With the Vive you get two for less.

        • xxHanoverxx

          Okay, let me go spend $800 to buy a cheaper facial interface.

  • Justos

    You guys should know Oculus does not charge shipping on accessories. Therefore making these much cheaper if you include the overpriced shipping that HTC charges.

    • Pre Seznik

      Yeah except they don’t ship to 99% of the world.

      • Justos

        did you know 99% of statistics are made up?

        • NooYawker

          Only 75% of the time.

          • Justos

            but 100% of those, are incorrect.

    • NooYawker

      Just don’t buy direct from HTC.

  • Ian Shook

    Not a moment too soon

  • KnowledgeTransfer

    Thank fricken God! It’s about time. 29 for the facial interface is better than VRcover offered.. But yeah.. 24 bucks would have been easier to see.. get it down to 19, or throw in a washable soft leather or plastic for 29.