Back in February Oculus launched App Lab for Quest which allows developers to distribute their games on the headset without going through Oculus’ curation process. There’s now nearly 300 games and apps available on App Lab, eclipsing the number of apps on the official Quest store.

Update – June 8th, 2021

There’s now 295 apps available for Quest via App Lab, according to submissions tracked by App Lab DB. In just four months, the number of apps on App Lab has surpassed the number of apps on the official Quest store, which stands at 282 after more than two years of operation. The discrepancy shows that many more developers would like to be on the official store than Oculus allows.

Quest App Lab games tracked on App Lab DB

App Lab apps are functionally ‘unlisted’ (unsearchable) in the main Quest store, but receive a normal store page which can be accessed directly via a URL and installed with a single click once logged in, just like any Quest app in the main store. The difference is that Oculus picks and chooses which apps to include in the main Quest store based on some qualitative criteria, while App Lab apps don’t need to meet any specific bar outside of being technically sound.

Having launched App Lab on February 3rd, and reaching 295 apps as of today, Oculus has approved an average of 2.4 apps per day to App Lab, which is up slightly compared to the first two months of App Lab.

The main Quest store sits around 282 apps. Given the time since the launch of the main Quest store, that’s an average of 0.38 apps added to the store per day.

For additional context, the number of Oculus PC applications sits around 1,800, with Go applications also at 1,800, and SteamVR applications around 4,900. Though all of these platforms have been around for years longer, none of them have been subject to the sort of curation that Oculus has imposed on Quest applications in the headset’s main store.

Below is a breakdown of the top 20 App Lab applications by rating and popularity.

Best Rated Quest Games in App Lab

The rating of each application is an aggregate of user reviews and a useful way to understand the general reception of each title by users.

Rank Name Rating (# of ratings)
#1 Warplanes: WW1 Fighters 4.9 (429)
#2 Puzzling Places – Beta 4.9 (662)
#3 TO THE TOP 4.8 (52)
#4 MarineVerse Cup 4.8 (57)
#5 Sport Mode 4.8 (787)
#6 Ancient Dungeon Beta 4.8 (608)
#7 Crazy Kung Fu 4.8 (86)
#8 Arcaxer 4.8 (62)
#9 Guardians 4.7 (104)
#10 Smash Drums Demo 4.7 (165)
#11 Gorilla Tag 4.7 (2,052)
#12 Deisim 4.7 (333)
#13 Harvest VR 4.7 (52)
#14 Painting VR 4.6 (70)
#15 Gladius 4.6 (95)
#16 MultiBrush 4.6 (47)
#17 Gun Raiders 4.6 (209)
#18 Crisis VRigade 2 4.6 (193)
#19 The Final Overs 4.5 (85)
#20 OceanCraft 4.5 (55)

Most Popular Quest Games in App Lab

The number of ratings gives a ballpark idea of the relative popularity of each title; a title with more ratings is likely to have been downloaded more than a title with less, though there’s certainly an unknown margin of error.

Rank Name
Number of Ratings (rating)
#1 Gorilla Tag 2,052 (4.7)
#2 Pavlov Shack Beta 1,336 (4.8)
#3 Sport Mode 787 (4.8)
#4 Puzzling Places – Beta 662 (4.9)
#5 Ancient Dungeon Beta 608 (4.8)
#6 Warplanes: WW1 Fighters 429 (4.9)
#7 Deisim 333 (4.7)
#8 Gun Raiders 209 (4.6)
#9 Crisis VRigade 2 193 (4.6)
#10 Smash Drums Demo 165 (4.6)
#11 Guardians 104 (4.7)
#12 Crisis VRigade 96 (4.3)
#13 Gladius 95 (4.6)
#14 V-Speedway Alpha 94 (4.1)
#15 Crazy Kung Fu 86 (4.8)
#16 The Final Overs 85 (4.5)
#17 Black Hole Pool Demo 84 (4.3)
#18 The Unity Cube 83 (4.3)
#19 Gym Class 78 (3.7)
#20 exVRience Golf Club 76 (4.2)

If you’re interested in similar charts for the main Quest store, see our latest charts.

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  • I ain’t seen SQUAT so far. Not even feedback. I’m a little concerned the Unreal Engine has issues I’m not hearing about which might be holding up the works.

    • Looks like this show’s been cancelled.

  • Quick question: why is pavlov not up in the first category towards the top? It has more ratings and is sitting at 4.8 stars than a lot of the game in that list (all of em, in fact)

    • Rob

      Actually its real rating is 4.479 (rounded). Even though it does have more ratings than most games, it still has a lower rating than many other apps that also have high review counts. If you inspect the store page, Oculus provides a script in the header with all of the hard numbers (score to many decimal places, real number of reviews, etc.). A lot of the negative reviews for Pavlov are either for installation issues or player base complaints, so it’s not exactly fair, but it does still have a higher percentage of negative reviews than many other popular apps.

  • Rosko

    These game look really poor. So glad i didn’t buy a Quest.

    • mepy

      I agree Quest App games are really low quality compared to the Steam VR games.

  • pasfish111

    i can’t see onward :D :D :D …maybe they should have not downgraded their game to 2002 graphics also on PC :D :D :D

  • pasfish111

    Serious question … Who will play this chunk of games longer than 3 months? …when the first VR-WOW Effect is gone, 70% of all Quest-Gamer will stop playing in VR and VR-Gaming has its Gimick-image in der Gaming-Community back :D … We need more VR-Games like HL! This is the only way to get the billions of flat Gamer to VR!