For those with both an Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest, ‘cross-buy’ games mean that you can buy a game once and play it on both headsets. Because the Oculus store doesn’t explicitly label which games are cross-buy and which games aren’t, finding them can be challenging. Luckily there’s a place you can go to get an updated list all in one place.

When we reached out to Oculus to ask how customers can tell which apps support cross-buy, the company told us that while developers are free to write this in the app’s description, there’s no consistent indicator on the app’s store page to show whether or not cross-buy is offered.

However, the company pointed us to a largely hidden category which collects all cross-buy apps in one place. The page should remain updated as more cross-buy apps are added to the platform.

Not all apps available on Quest and Rift support cross-buy, as it’s up to each developer to decide if they want to offer it.

Oculus Quest Will Support Oculus Go Apps Later This Year

Oculus Quest’s content library recently crossed the 100 app milestone; of that group, almost half currently support cross-buy.

Beyond cross-buy, knowing which apps support network saves (allowing you to seamlessly retain game progress between headsets) and which support cross-platform multiplayer doesn’t appear very easy to come by without investigating each app specifically. We’ve reached out to Oculus to confirm if there’s a clearer way to find which apps offer these features.

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  • MC AZ

    Well Done

  • I didn’t know about this trick… thanks for sharing it!

  • DickDastardly

    Cross-buy games all state “Supports Quest” and “Supports Rift” in the panel on the right in the store description.

    I do agree it would be really useful if there were also indicators for “Supports Cloud saves”, “Supports Quest/Rift multiplayer” and “Supports same account Quest/Rift multiplayer” too.

  • Amber

    Can you plan prison boss vr on oculus quest?

  • Amber

    Does anyone know if you can plan prison boss vr on the oculus quest?

  • Andrew

    This no longer works, it appears to show all Quest games.

  • Stephen

    Trying to figure out how to get a Cross Buy app on the Quest 2 – it doesn’t show up in the Quest 2 library, though it is on the Cross Buy list and it’s in my Oculus PC library.