In a torrent of news surrounding the two-year anniversary of Rift’s commercial launch, Oculus today revealed a little more about one of upcoming Oculus-funded titles previously teased by VP of Content Jason Rubin.

Nothing so far is known about the game outside of its name, Defector, and the studio producing it, Twisted Pixel Games. Twisted Pixel is known for their recent VR title Wilson’s Heart (2017), which was published by Oculus Studios.

Rubin previously teased in a tweet inaugurating the launch of Brass Tactics (2018) to “stay tuned to PAX East for more Oculus Rift games.”

Tucked away at the end of a recent Oculus blog post, the company revealed the image above and said they’re “inspired by the VR community’s passion and look forward to even more milestones to come. As our Rift Anniversary celebration continues, keep an eye out at PAX East for the reveal of a new Oculus Studios title—you won’t want to miss the first look at this original concept from Twisted Pixel Games!”

Rubin recently stated in a GDC 2018 session that Oculus would be producing fewer Oculus-funded titles, but that they would be ‘bigger and better’ than previous titles funded by the company. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for Twisted Pixel’s Defector and whatever else Oculus has planned for PAX East, which takes place April 5-8 in Boston, MA.

Update 2:20 PM ET: A previous version of this article stated that ‘Defector’ was a first-party title, however the definition of the resultant IP isn’t so cut and dry. I’ve changed the headline and contents to clarify that Oculus is indeed funding and publishing it, but not creating it themselves.

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  • impurekind

    Hope it’s good. :-)

  • I’m very curious about it

  • Def

    It’s not first-party unless Oculus owns the studio. Oculus is just a publisher in this case.
    The actual term you should use is second-party. Please get it right.

    • Quoting from the wiki page: “In reality, the resulting game is first party (since it is funded by the platform holder, who usually owns the resulting IP), but the term helps to distinguish independent studios from those directly owned by the platform holder.” According to this, the developer is the second-party, the resultant IP is still considered first-party, as I understand it.

  • Ted Joseph

    Loved Wilson’s heart! Played it through a few times.. Hopefully this is just as good or better..

  • Alfredo Villar
    • Jake Richardson

      I’m pretty sure this website doesn’t sell oculus headsets. I’m guessing you meant to say that you bought it from the oculus website. In which case that sucks man. Personally I had a similar problem with the no image showing up on the right side of my headset about two weeks after arriving. I on the other hand had a pretty good experience with oculus technical support. They asked me to mail them the defective headset and then sent me a brand new one with an extra 360 controller, headset cable, and a third tracker included. That was almost a year ago and I’ve had no problems since. You should open up a new ticket on the oculus support website. Technical support is usually only as good as the individual handling your ticket so by opening a new one you might find a rep who’s more understanding. Just provide them with as much info as you can about the defect and the fact that the item arrived in this state and hopefully you’ll have better luck.

      • Alfredo Villar

        They insist that he had strong exposure to the sun when it is not true.It seems that you had more luck than me,moreover do not even have repair service.Oculus Technical Support suck

        • Jake Richardson

          Again. Open up a new ticket. It doesn’t cost any money and you have a shot at replacing this hardware you spent so much money on.