Preview: Explore and Plunder the Deep Sea with ‘Neptune Flux’


It’s only really a matter of time until humanity befalls some Malthusian calamity, bringing with it roving bands of cannibals, face-eating pathogens, etc. etc. Don’t panic! Because in Neptune Flux, a friendly dystopian corporation is recruiting submarine technicians for their deep sea base, and you’re just the type they’re looking for.

You need to stay close to your new underwater home if you’re going to make it in the tech demo of Neptune Flux, a game currently under development by indie studio Zoxide Games.

The game gives you three basic missions to complete, a puzzle, a scavenging mission, and a long-haul exploration mission that puts your submarine’s fuel capacity to the test. Maneuvering around in Neptune Flux is refreshingly intuitive, but beware, stray too far from your home’s power bubble and you’ll end up like the U-boats and Viking ships on the sea floor below.

Download ‘Neptune Flux’ for DK2

Upgrades for now are pretty scant, which can be bought with scavenged booty for longer range lights, better sonar, and all the things you need to push out farther from the sea lab. Undoubtedly, these will allow you to stumble into even more harrowing moments where fuel is low and your flares have run dry.

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The cockpit of the submarine in Neptune Flux is positively drab, like the ‘no-nonsense’ cabins you get in the Eurotruck Simulator series, replete with fire extinguisher and industrial-grade seatbelts. But like all job simsit’s actually a relaxing experience as you putter along and sip on a cup of coffee as you listen to the game’s soundtrack. That said, first-person images of the game simply don’t do it justice.

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Neptune Flux will be released for PC and VR headsets ‘in 2016’, and currently supports Oculus Rift. Zoxide plans on supporting more platforms as the title develops.

We can’t wait to see more of Neptune Flux, if only so we can get a jump start on our budding career in deep sea submarine pilot.

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