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The Razer Hydra motion gaming controller has become the defacto virtual reality input device for many developers working with the Oculus Rift. Razer has extended their 50% off sale to the end of May, giving you a few more weeks to nab the controller for a great price.

The Razer Hydra is a motion gaming controller, created by our friends at Sixense, which offers highly accurate 6 DOF magnetic tracking. With a controller held in each hand, the unit tracks rotational and positional data with incredible accuracy — down to 1mm for translations (forward/back, up/down, left/right) and 1 degree of rotation in any direction, according to Sixense.

Back at the end of March, Razer started the Hydra ‘VR Promo’, affording customers 50% off the Hydra or the Hydra Portal 2 bundle. Originally the sale was slated to end on April 25th, but Razer quietly extended it to April 30th.

At last check, Razer has again extended the sale — which is fine by us! The current end date is set for May 31st. With the sale you can buy the Razer Hydra for $50 which is 38% less than what Amazon is asking.

The Razer Hydra Portal 2 bundle, which includes a full copy of Portal 2 and some Hydra exclusive DLC, is currently listed as ‘Sold Out’ on Razer’s site and no longer seems to be eligible for the sale.

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However, for those of you in the awkward position of already owning Portal 2 but not wanting to shell out for the Hydra Portal 2 bundle, Sixense will kindly provide you with the Hydra-exlusive DLC for free when you send them the serial number of your standalone Razer Hydra. Just email them with your request and serial number here.

While the standalone Razer Hydra is eligible for the sale, as noted by Reddit user Trifolblerone on r/oculus and confirmed by the site, the unit is listed as back-ordered and is expected to ship in 3-4 weeks for customers ordering today.

Get your coupon code for the Razer Hydra sale here.

Oculus Rift Razer Hydra Tuscany Demo

Many developers are using the Razer Hydra to give users hands inside the virtual world. When done right, interacting in the game world becomes extremely natural and immersive thanks to head tracking from the Oculus Rift and hand tracking from the Razer Hydra.

Sixense customized the Oculus Rift Tuscany demo to add Razer Hydra support and we found it to be extremely compelling!

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