Resolution Games Reveals ‘Demeo’, a Turn-based RPG Dungeon Crawler for VR


Resolution Games, the studio behind VR titles Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale (2020), Blaston (2020), and Bait! (2017), revealed work on a new turn-based dungeon crawler RPG for SteamVR headsets, Oculus Quest, and traditional PC monitors.

Called Demeo, the studio says the game zeroes in on the tabletop gaming experience by including rollable dice and “highly-detailed miniatures capable of fantastic abilities and magic spells.”

The game’s co-op multiplayer is said to allow crossplay between platforms, letting users explore dungeons of a monster-infested underworld via Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, and SteamVR headsets when it launches in 2021. It’s also said to include a non-VR mode for PC players too.

How Resolution Games plans on weaving their turn-based dungeon crawler in VR is still a mystery. From watching the teaser trailer alone, there could be set to be VR motion controller action-based alongside more standard table top conventions.

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Granted, it’s also set to launch on PC for standard desktops, so it may be more of a pure tabletop gaming experience, where users sit around a virtual table more akin to Gloomhaven for PC. We’ll just have to wait to find out more.

You can now wishlist Demeo on Steam, and also sign up for updates for the upcoming release on Oculus platform headsets.

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  • Neokhaled

    I need this soooooooo bad

  • namekuseijin

    this would be better off in AR

    • dogtato

      I feel like it would be good in AR if you were actually at the same table as your friends, but who has multiple AR headsets let alone one?

  • Wild Dog

    I’m not so sure about this.

  • Kris Bunch

    I’ll stick with Table Top D&D 5e, or BG3 or Solasta.

  • Brad

    I’m definitely interested. Need more info but I’ll be following this one.