We’ll finally get a full reveal of Respawn’s upcoming Oculus exclusive VR title at Oculus Connect at the end of September, including the first opportunity to actually play the game.

Next to Valve’s still unannounced but confirmed-for-2019 VR game, Respawn’s upcoming ‘AAA VR shooter’ is perhaps the most eagerly anticipated VR game reveal, not just because so little has been shared about it thus far, but because of the serious pedigree of the studio building it, the same studio behind Titanfall 1 & 2, Apex Legends, and the upcoming Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

First, a quick recap. The still unnamed Respawn VR game was first announced way back in 2017. The game is being developed by Respawn and published by Oculus Studios, which means it’ll be exclusive to the Oculus platform. As far as we know, the game is confirmed for Rift, but it isn’t clear if it will also come to Quest. The only real information that’s been given about the game thus far is this teaser video and what we’ve been able to glean from Respawn’s job listings, which have characterized it as a “AAA VR shooter.”

Beyond that, almost nothing is known about the game, not even whether it will be single player or multiplayer. But we’ll finally get some real details at Oculus’ sixth annual developer event, Oculus Connect 6, at the end of September—almost two years since the game’s preliminary announcement.

Oculus today announced that registration for Oculus Connect 6 is officially open, and confirmed that Respawn’s VR game will be revealed at the event, including the first playable demo of the game.

What the Breakout Success of 'Apex Legends' Could Mean for Respawn's Upcoming VR Game

While the initial announcement said that game was set for a 2019 launch, we’re already more than half way through the year; with the reveal not coming until just three months before the end of the year, Oculus will either be cramming a lot of marketing into the following months for a holiday launch, or the game might get delayed into 2020, as we saw recently with Lone Echo II. We’ll likely find out one way or another at Oculus Connect.

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  • Barbedos Slim

    I know it’s not gonna be Titanfall VR but I would buy a Quest for Titanfall VR

    • Piotr Wojtan

      Make no mistake – this game, whatever this is won’t be coming to Quest ever. It will be in same performance category as Lone Echo and Stormland.

      • asdfasdfasdf

        lol performance category…..
        they could bring lone echo to quest if they simplified the graphics and most likely same with stormland.
        unless theyre doing some heavy end AI stuff, it comes down to visual detail

        • Piotr Wojtan

          Being ignorant about limits of technology won’t help you understand choices that Developers make. Whatever opinion you going to have it will not change the fact that those games will never come to Quest and that was my answer.

          • CURTROCK

            Echo Arena is coming to the Quest.

          • Shon

            But ECHO VR (same engine/graphics/physics as lone echo) is coming to Quest. what do you mean with impossible to port lone echo?

          • david vincent

            Same engine but Lone Echo’s map is 100x bigger and more detailled. But yes you could probably port it on Quest. I guess. It can display zillons of polygons if you give up on lightning and shaders. But oc it would be a very different looking game…

          • Eric McFadden

            it’s not technically impossible. you can use all kinds of techniques to make a game run. You can have ps1 (or ps2) level polys (high res textures don’t affect performance on the quest hardware, so those can make up for it). You can use LOD like on spyro, and combine that with level streaming like on Jak and Daxter.

            I agree with you that the game will never come out for the quest. Not many studios are equipped to go through the work needed. It’s basically recreating the game assets from scratch. But it’s not technically impossible.

            Games like this have to be designed mobile-first with progressive enhancement in mind. Just like we do with the web. I hope one day developers can fit that into their workflow.

          • Jarilo

            Lone Echo, specifically the single player and Stormlands has, in fact, some incredible physics and A.i stuff going on.

      • Jarilo

        It might come to the quest, but it’s going to be like Robo Recall, a low rendered, shallow, and hollow version of it’s former self. Don’t kill the dreams for the Questicle fanboys maaan.

    • Zachary Scott Dickerson

      It would be bad for business if they did not bring it to Quest. Tone down graphics, modify the game, whatever to make more money should be the goal of any developer. Facebook just said they can’t produce them fast enough!

      • Jarilo

        That Facebook quote is useless. Valve and HP both can’t produce their headsets fast enough, I’m still on the reserve list. These things mean nothing.

        • Jerald Doerr

          I’m thinking about selling mine….

          • Jarilo

            I don’t buy used headsets with other people’s funk in them.

          • Jerald Doerr

            Lol, I get you… But let me tell you there’s only 1 and 1/2 hours funk and a shit load of disappointment + buyers remorse in it!!
            Coming from an OG Vive owner.

          • Immersive_Computing

            Enjoying Indices…


          • Jarilo

            Nice, why you got two ?

          • Jerald Doerr

            His got twins!

          • Jarilo

            Disappointment in the Index? that sucks, good luck selling it then. Coming from a wireless Vive Pro owner.

          • Jerald Doerr

            Could sell it in 5 days and get my money back easy on dude.

          • Jarilo

            Don’t worry my dude, The Index is for seated only for wired situations and sim. Mainly for the extra FOV, refresh rate, and RGB. I’m sticking with the wireless Vive Pro + Knuckles for anything roomscale/standing/360 VR. 2 OG Vives still here also for the sweaty games that produce funk. What disappointed you this much ? I know vs the Vive Pro it’s not a big jump on res but vs the OG Vive you really should be happy.

  • CazCore

    big budget Onward-like.
    0 interest from me, as a player.
    as a developer, this could drive lots of new people to VR.
    so, could be a big win.

  • An EA funded triple A game.

    Gee, what could ever go so wrong :)

    That’s what someone would say if it turns out that this is no longer funded by Facebook.

    • JonathanC

      Loot boxes in a VR game… lol…

  • Jarilo

    Oh I heard, kind of a bummer.