Oculus today announced ‘Quest’, their new high-end standalone VR headset. The company is promising that some of the top Rift titles will be ported to the headset, including Robo Recall, Moss, The Climb, and Dead and Buried.

On stage today at Oculus Connect 5, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that Oculus is focusing on creating a self-sustaining ecosystem so that VR developers can thrive on their platform. Part of achieving that, Zuckerberg said, is making sure that the company’s various efforts across mobile and PC VR are working toward that common goal.

Toward that end, Zuckerberg said that the new Oculus Quest headset will run some of Rift’s current top titles. On stage he mentioned Robo RecallMoss, The Climb, Dead and Buried, ‘and more’.

Oculus Announces Quest, The High-end Standalone Headset Starting at $400

He also announced that there are some 50 launch titles planned for the Oculus Quest launch which is set for Spring.

It’s surprising to hear that games like Robo Recall and The Climb will be coming to Santa Cruz, given that they are graphically intense games built on engines that usually power high-end PC titles. It’s very likely that the graphics will have to be toned down for these titles to run on Quest, given its mobile graphics processor, but it’s still great to know that the investments put into these high-end titles will be able to be enjoyed by mobile VR players too.

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  • Greylock3491

    Sounds cool, but I want Rift 2 with a wide FOV and Higher Pixel Density…

    • HybridEnergy

      Gen 2 probably 2-3 years away. Lets enjoy what we got.

  • MosBen

    Interesting. On the one hand, I would have expected them to talk about Marvel Powers United if it was going to come to the Quest. On the other hand, Robo Recall being on the Quest makes it seem like graphically intense games from the Rift can be ported, even if they have their graphics tuned down.

    • F1ForHelp

      Robo Recall was one of my favorite games when I first got a Rift, so I’m really hoping that this announcement isn’t too good to be true. If Epic Games is still responsible for this port, then my hopes are still pretty high. (Not commenting on their more recent creation… hehe)

  • Xron

    If they manage to get climb there, maybe they can get echo optimized for it aswell?

    • Josh Mars

      RAD can’t even optimize it on PC, lmao

  • HybridEnergy

    Type O. It should say massively oiled smeared under sampled 60 hz versions of Robo Recall, The Climb, and Moss coming to Quest. Technically you can get anything on anything, even Fall out 4 on Gear VR if you under sample it enough…like .3 SS. You won’t see anything of course, but it will work. lol

  • PJ

    During the conference they briefly showed a disc being thrown, I would wager that echo combat and echo arena will come too.

    I’m really curious to see these game on the quest, I can’t imagine them looking very good

  • Darshan

    Oculus need to bring Lone Echo too.

  • Luke

    the most wanted games to be ported are probably Onward and Echo VR.

    people wants to play ESL online games on the quest.

    • PJ

      Onward with complete wireless freedom, oh my!!!

  • brubble

    Perhaps Ive missed it but whats powering this? Regardless, for the next tier masses this is great and all but its another “pass” from me. Until we see a true cv2 Im out.

    • PJ

      Snapdragon 835, it’s roughly on par with the Xbox360/PS3.

      And I can’t wait!!!

      • brubble

        …..no…… I mean power source.

    • Henree


      • brubble

        HAHA touche’. Wishful thinking I suppose.

  • NooYawker

    I wouldn’t mind having one I can use in the living room.

  • Too bad ya cant mod Robo.