SnakeVR is the spiritual VR successor of the snake-style games which gained widespread notoriety after being included on some of Nokia’s classic handsets. If you happen to have hoarded two of the company’s 3-series mobiles, go find the chargers buried somewhere in that one box and get ready for immersive SnakeVR action.

SnakeVR comes to us from Rewind who appear to have found a way to sync the displays together from two Nokia phones to provide a stereoscopic version of the classic game.

Enjoy all the nostalgia of playing snake, re-envisioned and remastered for the 21st Century. The original 2D game has been re-worked from the ground up showcasing cutting edge new 3D graphics presented in an all new immersive ‘VR’ mode. Our unique and custom engineered headset allows for two Nokia based mobiles* to be precision mounted providing a nostalgic monochrome display for each eye.

snakevr-april-fools-rewindThe custom version of Google Cardboard holds two of the Nokia 3-series phones in place, though it isn’t clear if you can mix and match from the list of supported phones (Nokia 3210, 3310, 3410, 3510). For owners already financially invested in their own Google Cardboard, we’d hope to see an adapter to enable the functionality without dropping cash on an expensive new Cardboard headset, though the company doesn’t appear to have one on offer at this time.

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Once the phones are in place you can use the built in WAP browser to download the 10MB game which will take about 46 minutes on the 28.8Kbps connection. Don’t forget to download the file on each phone. Use the included adapter to connect the data ports on the bottom (top, now that they are flipped over) of the phones. Launch the game on the left phone by pressing *76253# and then peer into the headset.


SnakeVR innovates on Snake’s classic gameplay in more ways that merely adding stereoscopy. The new 3D engine not only makes for a much more graphically impressive experience, it also means that players have an entirely new dimension in which to navigate, allowing the snake to perform some spectacular maneuvers. Just be careful not to get tied in a knot!

When you’re done, you can submit your high score quickly via SMS which is much faster than exiting the game and doing so through the WAP browser. The game encrypts the score along with a validation key in a long string of characters such that players can’t spoof the scoreboards.

Rewind is taking pre-orders for their SnakeVR headset, a key for the game will come included.

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