‘Sprint Vector’ Big Bang Update Brings New Map & Characters, Now Live on All Supported Platforms

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Sprint Vector (2018), the Mario Kart-style VR foot racing game from Raw Data (2017) developers Survios, just got new content update called the ‘Big Bang Update’ which includes a new map, two new playable characters a new leaderboard for racers.

The new map, called Cosmic Odyssey, puts you in the heart neighboring black hole and in a top-secret research center nearby studying the singularity.

The two new characters are Rockslide, a comet strapped to a bipedal body, and Necho, the cat-like, cyborg alien queen infused with the souls inhabitants of a dying planet by the same name.

The Big Bang update also includes a new ‘pure’ leaderboard mode that adds leaderboard to all maps, “so players conducting solo runs without items and AI can compete against each other solely based on skill,” the company says in a blogpost. Survios is wiping all leaderboards to level the playing field in its wake.

The Sprint Vector Big Bang Update is available now on Steam (HTC Vive & Rift), Oculus Home (Rift), and PlayStation Network (PSVR).

The update follows March’s ‘Space Race’ content update which saw the map Outer Vegas added to the game among a number of bug fixes.

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