Steam’s annual summer sale is back, and heavy discounts are here on hundreds of VR games including a number of top titles that will have you spending those hot days in the cold depths of space, post-apocalyptic warzones, and practically anywhere you can imagine that isn’t your backyard.

Both Oculus and Viveport’s respective sales are still on, but the motherlode of sales is here too to draw your well-earned bucks from that shabby velcro wallet of yours. Here’s a few notable titles divided by price range which are currently on sale, effective from June 21st to July 5th:

Under $15

Rift & Vive Summer Sales Offer Big Savings on Hundreds of VR Titles

$15 to $30

Over $30

Don’t see a game you want on the list? Check out all VR games on sale right now here. Remember, the sale goes on from June 21st to July 5th, so prepare your lunch money accordingly.

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  • Simon Wood

    While ProjectCars2 is on sale (60% off), the link above is for ProjectCars (original).

    • Hi Simon,

      I’ve updated to include Project Cars 2 (which is what I meant to include in the first place, but mistakenly concatenated the two). Thanks for reading closely, and catching the error!

  • MosBen

    Man, I’m tempted by Project Cars 2. I’d love a driving game in VR, but I really don’t like sims. I’d love to see a more arcade-y driving game get VR support.

    • ArSh

      Get it! You can make it as arcady as you want really by enabling driving aids, visual damage only, easy AI, etc etc. You can always refund it if you hate it.

  • mcnbns


  • wheeler

    Off of the top of my head, a few other great games that are also on sale:

    XING: The Land Beyond
    Star Shelter
    The Forest
    Battle Zone
    Organ Quarter

    • Kavorka9

      The Forest is amazing and full VR support makes it an instant buy.

  • PJ

    Picked up ‘Just in time incorporated’ only £5, great game