Gunfire Games’ upcoming FTL-inspired shooter From Other Suns now has an official street date after celebrating a successful open beta last weekend. The co-op shooter is expected to launch November 14th.

From Other Suns is launching exclusively on Rift (Touch required), coming with a price tag of $40. Pre-orders are already available via the Oculus Store at a $5 pre-discount, bringing it to $35, which includes a pre-order bonus of “the Golden Laser Pistol.”

image courtesy Gunfire Games

“As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter over a dozen unique weapon types, each with hundreds of possible variations,” says Gunfire Games Design Director John Pearl in an Oculus blogpost announcing availability. “To us, this is a really an exciting feature, since it lets players really customize the way they play.”

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Gunfire says the game’s procedural ability to customize the environment also extends to level themes too. “During away missions, the layouts of various locations are generated according to the mission’s smart randomization parameters, and the level’s theme is generated from there,” the company says, essentially meaning the theme might camouflage something like a T-Junction hallway in a way a player wouldn’t recognize.

Like everyone with a Rift + Touch and a few spare hours last weekend, we got a head-first dive into the open beta. Proving to be an engaging cross between FTL: Faster Than Light (2012) and classic shooter mechanics, we’re definitely waiting to get past the beta weekend’s 10 jump max. Check back November 14th for our review.

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  • VRgameDevGirl

    Why the F can’t this come to VIVE!!!! I own the rift but I want to play this with my husband! I’m not buying another rift. I hate this exclusive s$%t. U would think The game devs would want to launch on as many systems as possible to make more money……. WTF!

    • Tommel

      zzzz… same discussion as always. I am not even sure, but maybe it will come to Steam with some delay. I just don’t understand the problem. would you also complain if an engineer payed by Mercedes wasn’t allowed to sell his stuff to Toyota at the same time? would you pay someone to develop soemthing unique for you and then be ok with the fact that every company makes profit with the product developped with the help of your money?

      • VRgameDevGirl

        I’m a VR game Dev and spend my own money to make free games…..I get nothing in return. So I’m the wrong person to ask.

        • Guygasm

          To put it in your terms then, where is the free game you developed that is equivalent in scope and polish to FoS?

          • VRgameDevGirl

            I was responding to the other person in regards to the profit question. I know nothing about it since I don’t profit. My game has nothing to do with this.

      • Raphael

        Just don’t understand the problem? Are you an octopus user or you have octopus and vive?

        • VRgameDevGirl

          I want to play this game…. since its co-op, I would like to play with my husband. And wtf is an octopus user……

          • Raphael

            Well since you ask… An octopus user is someone who bought an octopus cv1. Typically they celebrate octopus exclusives and go into great detail about how exclusives benefit vr and how game designers would starve and die if octopusVR didn’t offer an “incentive” to publish only on the rift (divide).

          • VRgameDevGirl

            Hmmm interesting. Never heard of it. I personally have Rift and VIVE. Oh, and gear VR cause it was free when I bought my phone….. not sure where it

    • Jason Lovegren

      Because they are very aware of revive and want the software that they made to be bought from their home source. Right now VR is at a lost for everything except the phone versions. They are just trying to pay off some of their debt. These AAA games don’t come cheap. The game also has a ton of performance issues at least for me (GTX 1080ti, 32GB 2133 ram, I& 6700k)

      • Raphael

        Absolute nonsense.

    • ender707

      Maybe you can play on rift and your husband can play using revive?

  • Andrew Mcevoy

    Awesome. That means this comes out along with LA Noire. November rarely looks this promising!

  • Raphael

    I was interested in this game when i watched a vid then later learned it was another octopus exclusive. I don’t believe in encouraging devs to ignore multiple vr platforms so revive isnt an option for me.