The team behind the SUPERHOT franchise is looking for a producer for “a shiny new VR project,” according to a recent job posting on the company’s website.

The core team is working on updates to the studio’s latest release, the standalone game SUPERHOT: Mind Control Deletebut admits this year will feature “a roadmap of really really really cool new platforms […] and two brand new projects sitting in the launch pads.” One of those brand new projects is confirmed to be a VR title.

Image courtesy SUPERHOT team

According to the job listing, the producer is tasked with “own[ing] the heck out of one of those brand new projects,” which is said to involve working with the Superhot team in Lodz, Poland, and a remote team distributed around the world. “They probably haven’t worked together before,” the job description says. “Some of them might speak different languages. It’s gonna be fun, but definitely a challenge, so we hope you’re organized and happy to do actual work every now and then.”

The studio’s first hint that another VR title was in the works came earlier this year when one-time Oculus dev relations guru Callum Underwood started work as a talent scout at indie games publisher Raw Fury, tweeting out that the Superhot team was putting the call out for more VR developers.

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There’s only sparse info about the upcoming Superhot virtual reality title. Speaking to Destructoid recently, the studio said the upcoming VR game shouldn’t really be considered a sequel to Superhot VR (2016), but rather “a proper evolution.”

“[Having enemies move with intention was] something that really didn’t click in Superhot VR because the animations were all made for a 2D game and it was kind of hacked together to be a VR game. It’s a hack, it’s not like an animation system that was designed from the ground up. There’s some legacy from the flat-screen version. What we’re developing now is making an even more core VR experience,” the studio told Destructioid.

So while the upcoming Superhot Japan isn’t getting VR support (for now), the team is definitely working on another Superhot VR game that looks to be a truly made-for-VR title.

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  • Keith.

    Awesome — still my favorite PSVR game, can’t wait to see what they do next.

  • MatBrady

    Still sore at the devs that a samuraii sword wasn’t in the VR version. A missed opportunity… :P