Valve Releases First SteamVR Developer Roundtable Discussion Video


Filmed as part of the recent SteamVR developer showcase in Seattle, Valve have released the first in what appears to be a series of discussions with developers working on titles for the SteamVR platform and the HTC Vive.

Headed by the seemingly singular face of Valve’s virtual reality offensive, Chet Faliszek chairs a discussion with VR developer ‘pioneers’ working on the SteamVR platform. Around the table sits Justin Liebregts (Cloudlands Minigolf), Andy Moore (Fantastic Contraption), Dylan Fitterer (Audioshield), Richard Stitselaar (Arizona Sunshine), Dave Walsh (Elite Dangerous), and Joachim Holmér (Budget Cuts).

The group discuss challenges and opportunities inherent with developing against a new, unproven platform such as VR – such as in-game player control and direction, coding challenges brought on by the freedoms VR allows and how to get people to believe in VR in the first place.

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  • yernero

    I am saddened that i will need too wait a few years before i am able to fully join the vr community but I hope by then maybe people will begin to develop the concept on coding every single object in a game, for example each blade of grass and each particle of sand. For similar things like sand copy and paste is the only way i can think of to make that process not so grueling. Physics is key.

    • Raphael

      You’ve been smoking weed again haven’t you?

  • realtrisk

    Wow. It pumps me up to hear them talk. I’m getting more and more excited… Rrrgh… April can’t come soon enough. >_<;