PC VR Dungeon Crawler ‘Legendary Tales’ to Begin Closed Beta, Trailer Here


Legendary Tales is a VR dungeon crawler heading into Early Access on PC VR headsets, and now developers Urban Wolf Games have opened the call for testers as it moves into closed beta.

Legendary Tales, an ARPG coming to SteamVR headsets, is all about physics-based combat. The co-op dungeon crawler is set to include melee, ranged weapons, and magic spells. Unlike many VR dungeon crawlers, Legendary Tales isn’t set to be a randomly-generated roguelike, but rather focus on bespoke levels where you clear rooms, gain gold, and collect legendary items to aid you on your quest to exit the dungeon.

When it heads into Early Access sometime this year, the studio says it’s hoping to provide
“10+ hours” of gameplay to complete the dungeon. The game includes the option to team up with up to three other players, which may shorten or lengthen overall gameplay time.

Legendary Tales is slated to launch on Steam sometime in 2021. A short demo for Legendary Tales was previous seen on SideQuest for Oculus Quest, however now the studio has reprioritized support for PC VR. A Quest version isn’t out of the question, the team sats, however they’re focusing on releasing on PC VR first. A small consolation: the studio has tested the game with both Oculus Link and Air Link, and say it works fine.

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Potential beta testers are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and agree not to record and share videos and screenshots. Co-op will however be available for the beta testing period, the studio says. You can sign up for the closed beta here.

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  • Finally, told you about this trailer (& tons of others you’ve not yet bothered reporting on) like a month ago (they repeated it for the testers request). How many writers are on staff?

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      • Ha. I cba to set one up and make up brief blurbs about each and every project I encounter to present it (I mean, who needs it anyway, the videos themselves are meant to “sell” each project, but still). I post everything I think looks half decent in this forum thread if you want to check back.


        Sure, a lot of it will be small little updates but a) if you like the given project it’s cool whenever the developer posts something showing progress and b) you can just scroll past and click on what looks good to you. I also retweet stuff, the first tweet above (about Jetborne Racing) is my own account as the developer had not yet tweeted so maybe follow. I think that forum thread is easier to scroll through, especially if you just put it in your favorites (make sure as it’s typed here with the /latest because after you visit it will change to the last post link) so you just check that which takes you to the latest and scroll up for anything recent you missed then leave until you feel like it.

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    This looks excellent

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    Physic based, always welcome ! Looks promising

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    Definitely keeping an eye on this! I very much like the co-op! Blade & Sorcery will get some serious competition!

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    So basically it’s Blade & Sorcery in 5 years, when dungeons et co-op will be added…