We’re looking forward to plenty more games this year, as newcomers and trusted names in VR development alike are prepping to release bigger and better VR experiences.

Here we look at our most anticipated titles that are scheduled to release in 2022. We’ve ordered games according to their confirmed release dates, then the rash of titles sporting the ever-nebulous ‘coming in 2022’ release window, and then games that we have our eyes on (TBA). We update this article regularly, so make sure to check back for updated info.

Red Matter 2

  • Platform: Quest 2, PC VR
  • Developer: Vertical Robot
  • Release date: August 18th, 2022

Studio description: Red Matter 2 picks up right where the previous game left off. You might’ve escaped the titular red matter last time, but you certainly haven’t stopped it. Doing so will take you across the solar system, from a base on our own moon to a space station orbiting above Saturn’s rings, and beyond. Uncover dark secrets and do your best to halt the red matter’s spread and save humanity.

Nerf Ultimate Championship

  • Platform: Quest 2
  • Developer: Secret Location
  • Release date: August 25th, 2022

Studio description: NERF Ultimate Championship is a competitive multiplayer game that brings NERF battles into an electrifying competition only possible in virtual reality. Gear up with a wide range of new and classic blasters as you leap around fantastic arenas in intense 4v4 team matches. Soak in the sound of roaring fans and master your skills as you begin your journey to become the Ultimate NERF Champion.

Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate

  • Platform: Quest 2
  • Developer: MyDearest, IzanagiGames
  • Release date: Episode 1 coming in Summer 2022

Studio description: It’s been 200 years since mankind lost his previous civilization. Astrum Close, Paradise. A city managed by its population’s dreams remains as a beacon of hope. Investigate in the real world and the dream world. Solve the mysteries that its citizens and places hide and survive the threats that will try to stop you. You’re the only one able to reveal the truth and avoid the foresight of the destruction of the city after 7 days to become true!

The Chewllers

  • Platform: Quest 2, PC VR, PSVR
  • Developer: AnimatronX
  • Release date: Quest version – Summer 2022, PC VR & PSVR – “soon”

Studio description: The Chewllers is a multiplayer, VR game, where 4 players protect the tower from monsters in Co-op mode. You can fight against monsters in different ways, create your own crafted tools, or use existing explosive devices.


  • Platform: Quest 2, PSVR
  • Developer: StatusPro
  • Release date: Fall 2022

Studio description: NFL PRO ERA uses NFL game data to create the most authentic on-the-field NFL VR experience to-date. Lead your team to a Super Bowl, improve your QB skills by participating in drills, or play catch virtually with your friends in your favorite NFL stadium. Read the defense, run the offense and make the plays just like the pros do on Sundays—and see whether you have what it takes to compete at the highest level.

Broken Edge

  • Platform: Quest 2, PC VR
  • Developer: Trebuchet
  • Release date: Fall 2022

Studio description: Broken Edge is a VR multiplayer fantasy dueling game where you embody historical swordfighters. Use their unique techniques and powers combined with cutting-edge fencing mechanics to claim victory against online components and climb the ranks!

Espire 2

  • Platform: Quest 2
  • Developer: Digital Lode
  • Release date: November 2022

Studio descriptionYour mission—should you choose to accept it—is to ultimately locate and stop the launch of an untraceable, supersonic missile, a true doomsday device. Wield an array of high-tech gadgets as you go behind enemy lines and try to save the world for a second time.

Tea for God

  • Platform: PC VR, Quest 2
  • Developer: void room
  • Release date: Late 2022

Studio description: VR adventure that allows infinite movement within your own place. Customise your experience. Make it an intense shooter, a roguelite explorer, a relaxing trek.

The Exorcist Legion: SIN

  • Platform: Quest, PSVR
  • Developer: Fun Train
  • Release date: Late 2022

Studio description: As the sequel to The Exorcist: Legion VR, the game advances the chilling storyline and mythology with both single player and co-operative gameplay as well as some other mechanics and play styles never seen before in a horror co-op game.

Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventures

  • Platform: PC VR, Quest 2
  • Developer: Stardust Collective
  • Release date: Late 2022

Studio description: ZIGGY’S COSMIC ADVENTURES is a fully immersive cockpit VR game set in a stunning universe. Fight your way through the solar system amidst intense arcade combat, navigate through treacherous space environments, and feel the rush of scrambling to manage your ship’s systems.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution

  • Platform: Quest 2, PC VR, PSVR, PSVR 2
  • Developer: Skydance Interactive
  • Release date: Late 2022, PSVR 2 in 2023

Studio descriptionContinue your journey through a changed New Orleans, one that’s even more dangerous than before. Expect fewer resources, more walkers, and a new and bloodthirsty threat that will hunt you across the city. Scrounge up whatever you can to survive—and be careful. Your choices matter now more than ever.

Among Us

  • Platform: PC VR, Quest 2
  • Developer: Schell Games
  • Release date: Holiday 2022

Studio descriptionAmong Us VR will keep what made the original party game so awesome. Players attempt to get their spaceship in working order, priming the shields or diverting power to various subsystems. Easy enough—except one or more members of the Crew are secretly Impostors, tasked with sabotaging and killing off the crew. Among Us at its best involves everyone accusing everyone, with the Crew trying to ejectImpostors from the airlock and Impostors trying to get Crewmates to turn on each other. Nobody is above suspicion.


  • Platform: PC VR, Quest 2
  • Developer: Mixed Realms
  • Release date: Q4 2022

Studio description: Hellsweeper VR is a roguelike first person combat game where you take on the role of an undead immortal. Traverse the underworld where every step brings a challenge or a chance. Gain mastery of your weapons and elemental magic, or fall to the unrelenting onslaught of dark creatures..

Propagation: Paradise Hotel

  • Platform: PC VR
  • Developer: WanadevStudio
  • Release date: End of 2022

Studio description: Live an intense VR survival horror adventure with gripping storytelling, in which you will explore dark environments, make terrifying encounters and get your adrenaline pumping. Will you find your way out of the Paradise Hotel alive?

“Coming in 2022”


  • Platform: PC VR, Quest 2
  • Developer: Stress Level Zero
  • Release date: 2022

Studio description: Sentenced to death, you embody an outcast escaping fate. Discovering a pathway to a hidden underground research facility. A series of challenging experiments and discoveries await. A road to the truth calls from the void.

Ghostbusters VR

  • Platform: Quest 2
  • Developer: nDreams, Sony Pictures
  • Release date: 2022

Studio description: Head to San Francisco and start your very own Ghostbusters HQ. With a trusty proton pack on your back and a P.K.E. meter in-hand, you have everything you need to track, blast, and trap ghosts—and begin to unravel a mysterious conspiracy that threatens the entire city. You can go it alone, or grab up to three friends for a true Ghostbusters crew experience.


  • Platform: Quest 2, PC VR
  • Developer: XREAL Games
  • Release date: 2022

Studio descriptionGun up and wreak havoc in Gambit! – a 4-player campaign-driven shooter-adventure in a world of gangs, guns, and mayhem.


Studio descriptionCOMPOUND (Pre-Alpha) is a randomized rogue-lite, free-roaming shooter for VR veterans. Duck and dodge around enemy fire in a tough-as-nails retro FPS with multiple locomotion options.

Super Kit: To The Top

  • Platform: PSVR, PC VR(?)
  • Developer: Electric Hat Games
  • Release date: 2022

Description: Electric Hat hasn’t said much about the game outside of the official trailer, but looking at the video it’s apparent Super Kit is focusing again on high-flying parkour with the addition of some combat elements and some very slick-looking environments that recall games like Jet Set RadioMirror’s Edge, and The Climb 2.

Paradox of Hope VR

  • Platform: PC VR
  • Developer: Monkey-With-a-Bomb
  • Release date: Coming to Early Access “soon”

Studio description: Paradox of Hope is an immersive single-player VR shooter with survival and horror elements. Explore mysterious metro mazes of post-apocalyptic Moscow, use stealth or combat approach to achieve your goal, upgrade your equipment and arsenal, and enjoy the atmospheric moments of stalker’s life.

Peaky Blinders: The King’s Ransom VR

  • Platform: PC VR, Quest 2
  • Developer: Maze Theory
  • Release date: 2022

Studio description: Step into the gritty streets of 1920s Birmingham and London and explore iconic locations from the show, including The Garrison pub, Charlie’s Yard and Shelby’s Betting Shop, as you take down rivals and move up in the world.

Vertigo 2

  • Platform: PC VR
  • Developer: Zulubo Productions
  • Release date: 2022

Studio descriptionVertigo 2 is a single-player VR adventure. Explore the depths of the vast Quantum Reactor as you descend to finish your journey home.


  • Platform: “major VR platforms”
  • Developer: Resolution Games
  • Release date: 2022

Studio description: Ultimechs is the multiplayer VR gaming experience from Resolution Games that will be coming to major VR platforms next year. As the thrill of professional athletics meets the precision of purpose-built machines, Ultimechs welcomes players into the sport of the future to compete for victory. If you don’t have the speed, precision and rocketry that it takes to defeat your opponents, you’re done for.

The Last Worker

  • Platform: PC VR, Quest
  • Developer: Oiffy, Wolf & Wood Interactive
  • Release date: 2022

Studio descriptionThe Last Worker is a first person narrative adventure centered around our struggle in an increasingly automated world.

Samurai Slaughter House

  • Platform: PC VR, Quest 2, PSVR
  • Developer: Tab Games
  • Release date: 2022

Studio description: VR-only physics-based combat game. Use stealth and creativity or brute force to take on your foes in a vast physics based sandbox. Battle both humans and demons while exploring a large metroidvania-style open world. Collect items and power up your character. Explore towns and interact with NPCs.

 On the Horizon (TBA)

Update (July 14th, 2022): We’ve cycled out a number of previously released games, and plugged in a few more promising titles set to come out this year. If you have any suggestions or tips, let us know in the comments below.

What VR game are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below!

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Well before the first modern XR products hit the market, Scott recognized the potential of the technology and set out to understand and document its growth. He has been professionally reporting on the space for nearly a decade as Editor at Road to VR, authoring more than 3,500 articles on the topic. Scott brings that seasoned insight to his reporting from major industry events across the globe.
  • David Wilhelm

    Don’t forget Bombyx! Including art and music from dozens of international artists, such as Katsumi Yokota (Art Director for Rez). Featuring multiple shooter modes with fluid movement in both gravity and zero-g. Wishlist on Steam or download now via http://bombyx.gg

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4331472cd01f8420b1fafd21116d3cf5a22a589a250ef50cdd343342c4f90e6a.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2d2f784b24f81d60df5314e1b84e221da3042861fa36eb4da0fcff10dbb0a4d2.png

  • What about the full version of HitMotion: Reloaded? ;)

  • 3872Orcs

    Any news on System Shock 2?

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  • Geogaddi

    Damn… you gotta admit this is a bit rough. If it was a monthly list it would be OK, but for a whole year…

    That being said; Green Hell, Zenith and Moss 2 look pretty good.

    • Sven Viking

      This isn’t an exhaustive list. See Ad’s comment above for some others.

      • Geogaddi

        Yeah that’s a more interesting list, although I must admit 70% or so are unknown to me.

        • ViRGiN

          Because he just lists anything he can, and it almost never includes any non steam games

          • Simplex

            Almost as if he was an “Ad” for SteamVR :D

          • Corellianrogue

            What games have been announced for Quest but not SteamVR (yet)? Splinter Cell VR, Assassins Creed VR, GTA San Andreas VR (all of which haven’t actually been shown yet), Cities VR and… ?

      • ViRGiN

        He constantly spews anything from steamvr. He is a quantity over quality and overall just a Meta hater and valve shill.

  • Ad

    Hitman 3

    Radio Commander VR

    Vertigo 2


    Kill the King

    Orbital Strike VR

    Arcade Legend



    Crunch Element

    Predator VR

    Area Man Lives

    Eternal Starlight


    Undead Citadel

    Tank Mechanic Simulator VR

    Dolphin Trainer VR


    Now There Be Goblins

    Iron Ascension

    The Fall of Balance

    The Last Taxi


    Gear Stalker

    Vort Industries

    Kayak VR: Mirage

    Samurai Slaughter House



    Axe Gang

    Sucker Punch VR

    Cosmonious High

    Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventures

    Into The Darkness VR

    I Fetch Rocks

    Rainbow Reactor: Fusion


    N1NE: The Splintered Mind Part 1

    Help Yourself

    SimplePlanes VR

    Paradox of Hope VR

    The Fall of Balance

    Demolish & Build VR

    Tea For God

    Troll Hunter VR

    Real VR Fishing

    Hellsweeper VR

    Detour Bus


    Now There Be Goblins

    Umami Grove

    WOODS Part I

    The Break-In


    Blunt Force

    Ultrawings 2



    Cry of Athena VR Battle Simulator

    The Last Clockwinder

    Modern Naval Warfare

    Grid Leaper

    Propagation: Paradise Hotel


    Among Us

    The Last Worker

    • Simplex

      Blunt Force
      System Shock 2

      Yeah, I want to dream too that these games will actually come out in 2022 :)

    • Extrys Casasola

      Glad you have also put Hyperstacks, thanks!

    • The Hubris demo was awesome! Now, where’s the full game?

  • Sven Viking

    Nerf Ultimate Championship: Finally I can pretend to pretend to shoot people while learning about new products! (Looks pretty good though.)

  • Sean Lumly

    Console VR (specifically PSVR2) is going to rejuvenate the PC VR scene as developers will be targeting “high end” console hardware with an almost guaranteed large install base, and PC ports should be quite painless.

    • Collin Drennen

      A valid observation, but with some concerns:
      – The overall VR adoption rate among PC users has increased, but still lies around the 2-3% (?) mark of overall users. I cannot recall what the PSVR numbers are but fail to recall headlines that PSVR adoption rates have broken 20%, for example.
      – For what I think I have read regarding PSVR2, it feels as though ‘big name’ games are coming but may have a limited VR mode. I hope I am wrong, but if true, may keep VR within a niche audience.
      – PCVR, for myself, remains mostly an Indie/Modder environment, which has great advantages. The main disadvantage is that the big name companies still largely stay away.
      – I’m starting to adopt a philosophy of ‘why don’t we try adapting some older games for VR first, and see where that takes us?’
      The recent RE2/RE3 VR mods, and VorpX adoptions of Star Wars Battlefront II, for myself, are incredible examples of this belief.
      Maybe instead of making sure VR is available with the ‘latest and greatest’ games, what about showing how well VR can work with existing classics?

      • Sean Lumly

        A few counters:
        – Regardless of adoption rate, it introduces a sizeable population to VR, thus increasing general adoption across the industry. It is unlikely that PSVR will cause adoption to fall, or even slow, making it a good thing for general adoption.
        – Sony seems to have a greater future focus on hybrid games, but the concentration of these types of games, and their effects on the market can only be speculated at present. I am VERY bullish on hybrid games as it offers a low-cost path for game developers to flood the industry with content, and offers gamers a new way to experience a game that they know. I expect this is a win-win attitude that will not confine VR to a niche audience (how would it?) but the future will tell.
        – The market is likely too small to guarantee the types of returns that $100M game productions expect from a ground-up VR game. I would bet that some flavour of this is reason that larger companies are hesitant to target the platform — though this will change as the market grows — and why smaller productions dominate.
        -“Why don’t we try adapting older games [sic]” should have been the attitude from the very start — and I have been advocating this from the start VRs resurgence. There is no reason in a competitive environment (save perhaps ethical concerns) to restrict content. In my humble opinion, the decade old attitude that “it has to be made from the ground up for VR” has hurt adoption — there are thousands of quality titles that could have come to the platform. It may not have been as good as Boneworks or HL:A, but still may have been better than a sea of mini-games or wave-shooters, and wouldn’t have restricted more inventive titles.

        • Collin Drennen

          A well thought out response. I do hope Sony’s approach bears fruit, but it is a bit depressing that PSVR2 may be 10 months or so off (based on the rumors of a early 2023 release). PCVR still has life in it, but lately I’ve been getting more pleasure out of unofficial VR mods (e.g., GTFO, the Outer Wilds, the Horizon Zero Dawn mod, the RE2/RE3 mod), which enable a fuller VR experience I had been hoping for (which ironically, is adapting a flat-screen game for VR).

          I’m on board with what you are saying. Thanks for the discussion.

        • Anastasia Mitchell

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        • brandon9271

          I feel like VR ports of games like Borderlands and Skyrim must not have sold all that well or we’d have seen more VR conversions since then. I’d LOVE to see classic games re-released in VR. Publishers could sell a lot of their back catalog all over again. Not sure why this hasn’t happened unless sales were poor

          • Sean Lumly

            We have seen repeated ports from large studios (Sony, EA, Capcom) at an increasing rate.

            It’s not much, and not indicative of a trend, but it’s also not dire.

            Bathesda (ie. Skyrim) is now a direct competitor to Sony a plan that likely had been set in motion long ago: this may have skewed VR development.

      • W/ Steam Rest VR demo being 99% casual, its no wonder PCVR adaption is low.

        Doesn’t seem like VR devs take VR seriously enough. It’s looking like Wii again.

        • brandon9271

          What is Steam Rest VR?

  • Tommy

    As much as I love a new VR game built from the ground up for VR, I have to say that I am more interested in the flat to VR mods. I admit I am a graphics whore but also appreciate fun and unique gameplay. I am in no way down talking any games. My tastes are more in line with the new Cyberpunk 2077 mod Resident Evil mods, Skyblivion mod, and the mods coming from the Half-Life community like the Bioshock, Portal, and gangster mods. It’s a bit frustrating having to rely on the modding community to put out the games I like to play but it is what it is.

    • Cless

      I have to agree. The best VR experiences I’ve had have been, funily enough, in games that weren’t made for VR, Half life Alyx, and a few more being the exception…
      Is it so weird to prefer old good games that are already out, but adapted to VR (similar to what was done to Hellblade)… instead of half of these games…?

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    • Ragbone

      love the old games with the vr mods too, like Duke Nukem 3D

    • Totius

      Absolutely agree.. what a sad year (again!!)

  • punk96

    ooof, i got VR back in 2015 and to this day there’s not much worth playing. this list is not good, i have zero desire to play any of these boring games. the best stuff on vr is still porn and old nintendo games

    • Tommy

      Did you forget you can play all these in VR?

      Alien Isolation
      Asgard’s Wrath
      Blunt Force
      Cyberpunk 2077
      Doom 3 BFG
      Edge of Nowhere
      Elite Dangerous
      Fallout 4
      From Other Suns
      The Forest
      Grand Theft Auto V
      Half Life (1&2)
      Half Life: Alyx
      Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice
      Hitman (1,2,&3)
      Horizon Zero Dawn
      LA Noire
      The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
      Life is Strange: Before the Storm
      Lone Echo (1&2)
      Mafia (1&2)
      Microsoft Flight Simulator
      Monster Hunter Rise
      No Man’s Sky
      Outer Wilds
      Project Cars (2&3)
      Red Dead Redemption 2
      Resident Evil (1,2,3,7,8)
      Risk of Rain 2
      Serious Sam (1-4)
      Skyrim VR
      Subnautica (1&2)

      • Daniel Gallo

        native VR. like specifically made for it…when counting that, theres alot less on this list.

        • Tommy

          If you can boot it up and play it and it works well, who cares if it’s official or not? They are full VR games with tons more campaign and better graphics than most other VR games.

      • Asgard’s Wrath and all the mods for Half Life:Alyx has been keeping me busy. The “Return to Rapture 2” mod for Alyx is just incredible!

        • Tommy

          Absolutely agree! The gamgster one(forgot the name) is my favorite.
          About to download Deep Rock Galactic and give that a spin. I hear it’s a great VR port

  • Ratm

    Gta sa…

  • ApocalypseShadow

    If PSVR 2 comes out on time in 2022, then this list will need to be heavily updated. Because that’s where a lot of big announcements will be.

    • sfmike

      Who cares when you still can’t get a PS5 without being screwed by scalpers.

      • DanDei

        I’d rather pay a scalper and have high production value VR than keep watching Meta sucking the life out of VR with their shitty Quest Ecosystem and the mobile game level shovelware they release it.

        • Jack Liddon

          It’s sad but true. Once Meta ditched the Rift it was game over for high end VR. Obviously a few exceptions, but the epic Half-Life Alyx games are few and far between.

        • Jack Liddon

          It’s sad but true. Once Meta ditched the Rift it was game over for high end VR. Obviously a few exceptions, but the epic Half-Life Alyx games are few and far between.

          • ViRGiN

            All you’re really saying is that Meta means VR, and Valve is pure garbage.

          • Jack Liddon

            Whatever, dude.

      • Hivemind9000

        Is that really still a problem? Yeah they are in short supply, but I just put my name down at a local store and it took 3 weeks to get one at normal retail price (I’m in Australia btw but supply problems exist here like everywhere else).

      • Rayza

        It’s been easy to get a PS5 for ages, you can’t be looking very hard

    • C’mon Sony! Save us! At a minimum I can’t wait to replay “Farpoint” with the new hardware!

  • Sophie Ross

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  • Octogod

    2022 is looking very shaky for VR.

    • sfmike

      I agree if we don’t get a boost from new hardware and games that make their way into with mass appeal VR will go the way of 3DTV with investors and developers pulling out.

      • XRC

        VR is pretty much where I expected…like this quote:

        “We’re optimistic. We think VR is going great. It’s going in a way that’s consistent with our expectations,” says Newell. “We’re also pretty comfortable with the idea that it will turn out to be a complete failure.”

        • kool

          I don’t think vr can fail at this point, the amount of time til mass adoption is debatable tho.

      • kool

        The psvr2 is on the way, I think a lot of games are waiting for a big games reveal from sony to announce their games around that hype.

    • Geogaddi

      Unfortunately yes… I hope the Meta showcase and possible PSVR2 showing later in 2022 can bring the goods.

    • You ain’t wrong. Where did all those AAA games go??? Some of these make it look like we are still in the “experimental” stages…

    • Octogod

      Mid-July updated article edition: 2022 is still looking very shake for VR.

    • Rayza

      it’s been bad for years lets be honest. PSVR2 should give it a major boost.

  • Ad

    Hubris? Dolphin Trainer? That Kayak thing? House Flipper Pets? Into the Darkness? Umami Grove? Startenders? Firmament? Kill the King? Undead Citadel? Rumble? Robco? Hellsweeper? Arcade Legend?

    • Extrys Casasola

      Lol i work on undead citadel apart of Hyperstacks haha, I feel honored haha thanks!


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  • Jacob Wallace

    Yikes that Peaky Blinders game

  • Aubrey Scott

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  • Paul Ciccone

    Love to keep up with all the new games…I am a Quest 2 player.

  • Paul Ciccone

    Love to keep up on all the new games coming out…I am a Quest 2 player…love VR

  • Brenda Y. Lillis

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  • Jules Schauwers

    I’ve alpha tested a VR game named GAZZLERS, also releasing later this year. It was an awesome experience and a very promising game. It could be a part of this amazing list.

  • Ookami

    Lots of cool stuff. Can’t wait to see them in action!

  • graynewt

    Surely Ghostbusters VR is coming *at least* to PSVR2? It’s a Sony IP.

  • Holy crap, a S.T.A.L.K.E.R./Metro type game in VR? Paradox of Hope: WISHLISTED!!!

  • What the hell happened to Hubris? The demo was awesome! Out of everything on this list, I’m most looking forward to some Ghostbusters VR co-op TBH…

  • What happened to “Hubris”? The demo was awesome and then POOF, nothing.

  • NL_VR

    Bonelab GOTY 2022…. believe me

  • ray manta

    Super Kit: To The Top has been already released on Steam.

  • GrimmyReaper

    I like the look of many of these but we get so little info I doubt if any will actually release this year.