Microsoft kicks off E3 Day 0 with their big press conference. With the company recently engaging in an interesting partnership with VR headset maker Oculus, this is one we’ll be keeping our eye on.

Microsoft E3 Press Conference Live Stream

Microsoft’s E3 press conference starts at 9:30 PT, find the starting time in your timezone right here.

Last week at Oculus’ pre-E3 event Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, stepped onto the stage to announce a partnership with the VR company. Though short of announcing Oculus Rift support on the Xbox One, the companies agreed to ship an Xbox One controller with each Oculus headset, an interesting move that surprised the VR developer community, especially in the face of the reveal of the Oculus Touch motion controller.

Even more surprising was the announcement that the headset would support Xbox One game streaming to Windows 10 computers, a previously announced feature of Windows 10, but this time with the ability to be streamed into an immersive home theater environment on the Oculus Rift.

Although virtual reality won’t be the focus of Microsoft’s press conference, it’s possible that we’ll hear more about their partnership with Oculus during their E3 press conference.

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