Today WEARVR has announced a $1.5 million funding round to continue to grow their universal VR marketplace, which houses apps for a wide range of VR headsets. For the month of April, Road to VR is partnering up with WEARVR to bring you a look at the app store’s most popular VR content.

WEARVR was born as an incubator project between digital development studio Dubit and KZero, a gaming consultancy which has focused lately on VR market research. The marketplace’s key differentiator is housing apps for a range of platforms and VR headsets. Many other app stores, like Oculus Share, are focused only on a single headset, forcing users and developers to go elsewhere when dealing with content for other devices.

Today WEARVR has announced a $1.5 million funding round to continue building out their universal VR app store which features 900 titles and has seen more than 200,000 downloads to date, according to the company. WEARVR intends to use the money to grow the store’s functionality and userbase.

wearvr-vr-ap-store“Our priorities include growing and harnessing the power of our community, and increasing the number and range of experiences offered through the store,” says Nic Mitham, co-founder of WEARVR. “We’re also looking to add a recommendation engine and implement user-curated game lists. There are plans for exclusive WEARVR content and in-browser streaming. A mobile discovery app is on the way, as is the introduction of 360 degree video experiences.”

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The VR app marketplace includes titles for the Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, Carl Zeiss VR One, and will also list VR apps for the forthcoming OSVR HDK, among others.

Developers interested in having their VR apps listed in WEARVR can currently reach out to, but in the next few weeks the company plans to allow developers to manage their own listings and upload files directly.

WEARVR and Road to VR Join Forces in April

Road to VR is proud to partner with WEARVR for the month of April. We’ll be bringing you weekly looks at the most popular content from the marketplace across all platforms.

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  • Don Gateley

    This could be awesome! Thanks for the heads up. It will help determine which of the devices will have open rather than purely proprietary content channels.