AltspaceVR is hosting another Beta Access Weekend on April 24-26, and this time the social VR space has added a few more features to watch out for, features that when you say them out loud, could alienate you from casual acquaintances and your extended family… in a good way.

Dungeons and Dragons fans, prepare your character sheet and unsheathe your virtual d20 (20-sided die, that is), because AltspaceVR’s prototype ‘holographic apps’ are set to debut in the social VR space this weekend.

Join Altspace’s Open Beta Access Weekend

“Cymatic” Bruce Wooden, AltspaceVR’s Director of Developer & Community Relations, will be leading the D&D event where he’ll be showing off a configurable game board, multi-sided die, and browser-based ambient sound board for increased role playing immersion—a perfect audio backdrop for when your unruly band of half-orcs wants to slog back another pint of dwarven ale instead of going into that dungeon just outside the pub.

Altspace will also be livestreaming the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality (SVVR) meetup from one of its many shared monitors. The livestream starts on April 24th at 6:30pm PST (click for local time). Make sure to sign up for the beta, and download the client before it starts so you too can take part in all the VR action going down on the ground at the Hacker Dojo in Mountain View, CA.

altspace htc vive gear vr leap motion kinect v2 (4)
Altspace showing off Leap Motion and Kinect V2 integration

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What? You’re still not socially isolated enough from work friends? Well, shared monitors throughout the space will be featuring livestreamed League of Legends matches and a number of sci-fi movies during the entire weekend to warm the cockles of your nerdy heart. Click here for the full list of events and films being featured during the open beta weekend.

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When asked by Executive Editor Ben Lang when the social VR space was planning on hosting a persistently open beta, Wooden replied “I would say we’re looking at a few more of those beta access weekends until we’re at the point that we’re feeling comfortable enough to keep it open.”

So until Altspace opens their doors for good, users will have to cram in as much time as possible with the personal in-game web browsers, a feature that lets you watch video, browse the web, and beam content directly to the shared monitors for communal viewing.

Sign up here for Altspace and get in on all the fun for this unlimited access weekend. VR headsets are not required, but are highly recommended!

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