Most Popular Oculus Quest 2 Games & Apps – Free

One way to look at the most popular apps on the Quest store is to see which are earning the most reviews over a certain period of time. The ranking below shows which games saw the most reviews since our last check.

Rank Name Change in Ratings
#1 Gorilla Tag +3,485
#3 Hyper Dash +1,855
#4 PokerStars VR +1,229
#5 Poker VR – Multi Table Tournaments +827
#6 Rec Room +553
#7 Bait! +498
#8 Gods of Gravity +464
#9 VRChat +406
#10 Meta Horizon Worlds +326
#11 FitXR – Box. HIIT. Dance. Sculpt. Combat. +192
#12 Supernatural* +166
#13 WIN Reality* +151
#14 Gun Raiders +145
#15 TRIPP +136
#16 Epic Roller Coasters +132
#17 Echo VR +117
#18 Ultimechs +105
#19 YouTube VR +102
#20 Bigscreen Beta +87

Rating change compared to December 2022

  • Among the 20 most popular free Quest apps
    • Median number of new ratings : 259
  • Among all free Quest apps
    • Median number of new ratings: 19

* free trial followed by paid subscription
† includes reviews carried over from App Lab or Paid store

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  • ViRGiN

    what is wrong with you people?
    @Ben Lang , it’s been over a year since contractors launched modding scene natively onto quest, and i don’t remember a single article about it.
    Every VR journalist is so eager to cover everything, from kickscammers to beat saber DLCs, all so obsolete and unimportant old fake news.
    Are you guys waiting for advertisment money? The other VR website did cover Contractors only via sponsored ad, with not a SINGLE word of their own. You and them have both featured ultra-scammy, cryptobro driven PCVR steam exclusive blockchain FPS VAIL VR – that has failed to capture ANY interest of anyone, it’s completly dead, full of red flags all around it, from fake discord users, to fake steam in-game numbers reporting, ignoring facts like millions of dollars raised in investments for a team that has never ever delivered anything before.

    This is really fkd up, and I understand none of that. Do you guys have two left hands and are incapable of indluging into what is essentially is call of duty vr, without the killstreaks? It went from absolutetly dead game despite crossplay and crossbuy, to one of the most popular, most addiciting vr games, fps or not. vrchatians and rec roomians are not ever going go out of their bubbles, new is wrong to them. and yet contractors managed to lure 2.5 million people, all while facing anti-propaganda from wannabe games like onward and pavlov communities. the game has literally zero marketing other than word of mouth, and have pulled such numbers, and in large margin completly debunks those pcvr elitists brainwashing of ‘it’s a mobile phone’ when it comes to Quest platform.

    • Ben Lang

      Unfortunately with our small team we can’t have eyes everywhere at once. If you aren’t seeing things covered that you think are important news, please reach out to us at

    • I’ve been looking for other games with Mod support and contractors was skipped over. And from my perspective it’s because it has a built-in mod manager thingy and i’m making the Mobile VR Station APP for BONELAB & Blade & Sorcery Modding.

    • Octogod

      Dude, there’s a way to ask this question without looking like a complete knob end.

      It’s neat info, but the amount of vitriol here is unwarranted.

      • ViRGiN

        it’s been mentioned multiple times, and for someone covering “news”, this is the biggest one that flew under their radar despite repeated recommendations.
        makes you question the motive why it is being ignored.

  • Sky Castle

    This list is so depressing. Every time someone does a top VR game list all I see and are reminded of is the lack of new quality VR content, because it’s the same VR games on that list the past months/years just shuffled around.

  • Mike

    Exactly same old stuff, in order to sell games they should be newer and quality improvements. Thats why sells are so terrible i bet ya. Come out with half like games then profit margin goes up. Please stop treating people like idiots giving us are you a robot dumb pics,Really.