Both Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S are seeing their respective launches today, so the company has now opened up store links and official pricing for all of the new Quest goodies you’ll be able to download starting today.

Many of the games and apps below fall into the $15 – $30 range, with the most expensive being Orbus VR: Reborn, the cross-platform MMORPG at $40.

There are also a few freebies too to watch out for which should get you up an running, including Rec Room, Bigscreen Beta, VRChat and Pokerstars VR to name a few.

Besides the free stuff, if you’re looking for some good recommendations, head over to our First 10 Games You Should Consider Buying on Quest article for more.

Note: Paid games/apps with * indicate cross-buy with Rift.

A minority of apps don’t have active links yet, but will be added on a rolling basis.

Title Price
Apollo 11 $10
Bait! Free
Ballista​ $15
Beat Saber​ $30
Bigscreen Beta​ Free
Bogo Free
Bonfire $10
BOXVR $30*
Dance Central $30*
First Steps Free
Fruit Ninja $15*
Guided Tai Chi​ $10*
Job Simulator​ $20
Moss $30
National Geographic VR Explore
Netflix Free
Ocean Rift $10*
Oculus Browser
Oculus Gallery Free
Oculus TV Free
Oculus Video Free
PokerStars VR Free
Rec Room​ Free
Red Bull TV Free
RUSH $20
Shadow Point $20*
Sling TV
Thumper $20
Tilt Brush $20*
Ultrawings $15
Vader Immortal: Episode I $10
Virtual Desktop $20
VR Karts: Sprint $15*
VRChat Free
Wander $15
YouTube VR Free

– – — – –

Want to know if Quest is right for you? Find out why we call it the first great standalone headset in our deep dive review.

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Well before the first modern XR products hit the market, Scott recognized the potential of the technology and set out to understand and document its growth. He has been professionally reporting on the space for nearly a decade as Editor at Road to VR, authoring more than 4,000 articles on the topic. Scott brings that seasoned insight to his reporting from major industry events across the globe.
  • HomeAudio

    Not to much at the beginning… :/

  • LowRezSkyline

    So close to being an instant purchase. Just need Space Pirate Trainer and I’m so there.

    • Nepenthe

      I see this was from a month ago… anyway, SPT is a launch title.

  • MosBen

    Not bad. Most of these are fairly decent for pass and play, which is what I think the Quest needs a lot of. We’re going to be taking this thing to friends houses and family holidays, and in that environment you want something that people can play in short bursts before giving someone else a try.

  • RavnosCC

    Looks like a lot of standing perfectly still release titles… not saying it’s a bad thing, I’m leaning towards checking it out for myself. But we’ll see how they do pricing and software. Do people still shell out more $$ for the same game on two platforms any more? Or has that finally become a thing of the past?

  • Tesla

    Quest is good if you have extra money and you want to promote VR showing it to your friends.

    • Smokey_the_Bear

      and if you want good VR, without cords, or having your pc on…or even own a pc.

      • VR4EVER

        …or are to lazy to even turn on PSVR with all its stuff …
        My wife is eager to try the Quest. Eager!

        • Erik

          That’s me. Too lazy to turn on the psvr

          • jj

            you’re vr4evers wife?

            also same just ready for no hassle fun whenever and wherever

  • Rosko

    Can’t say that I’m blown away by the line-up as a Rift owner.

    • madelyn

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      • Rudl Za Vedno

        Bugger off!!!

  • Arcticu Kitsu

    Not bad. It’ll keep people busy with VRchat and SuperHot VR. The VRchat developers still need to tune their client to be played on Quest. It still needs more games and support. while having to keep in mind that the Quest is still new hardware.


    Amazing line-up and this is just a small fraction! I for one cannot wait to buy it!

  • Kevin Smith

    but will we have to buy the quest version of the games we already own?

    • I believe so, I’m thinking of the Quest as a face-strapped console essentially.

    • TJ Studio

      Cross-buy. (If the developer chooses to enable it)

      • Marci

        After 5 years I decided to leave my old occupation and it totally changed my way of living… I started off working at a task on the net, for a company I saw on internet, for a number of hrs per day, and I get paid much more than I was able to on my old job… Last payment I got was $9000… Stunning point regarding this is the fact I have additional time for my family. Test it yourself, what it is about…

      • Pablo C

        If so, then it might barely happen: it´s the only chance developers have to sell some more copies. Why they would allow cross buy?

    • JesuSaveSouls

      Now that is really bogus not a bonus.

    • JesuSaveSouls

      I appreciate your movies and acting sir.

    • Pablo C

      If it depends on each developer, then my guess is it wont happen often. After all, why the devs would lose the chance to sell another copy?

      • Sven Viking

        UploadVR is listing about 26 games as confirmed to be supporting cross-buy.

    • USPatriot

      Oculus said it’s up to the developers if they offer cross-buy. Some will though.

    • According to the Developer Documentation, OculusGO and OculusQuest builds are compatible.

    • Brewer

      They talked about it, you can link up with your account with your phone so you you will get your games you already own if they are compatible with the quest

  • Ted Joseph

    No thrill of the fight? It is one of my favourite exercise – VR games to date!

    • Zachary Scott Dickerson

      I’m sure they will bring a ton of games across the first year! I want one even though I have a Vive, so my wife can play with me, and she can use it for fitness stuff. The vive is too intimidating for her to bootup when I’m not home.

  • WyrdestGeek


    I don’t own VR setup, but I did get to play Superhot on my friend’s Vive.

    After a couple levels, there was much dodging and weaving. And dying.

    It’s not standing still for sure.

  • Pizzy

    Anyone know if we can charge and use the Quest at the same time yet? That is the main and only question I have that I want answered. It’s a pretty big deal. I for one could careless if I need to wear a battery bank and have a cord running up to the Quest if it means more play time…..

  • Zachary Scott Dickerson

    Will multiplayer games be crossplay? Can my family play in Recroom, WaveVR, Orbus VR with me on HTC vive while the other uses Quest?

    • This is largely up to the developer, although all three of the games you listed will have cross-play. Interesting to note: VRChat will have a slightly limited cross-play, as not all areas or avatars are supported.

  • oompah

    Elder scrolls?

  • Racket NX confirmed some time ago

  • tjitah

    What if I bought some of those titles on Steam and license cannot be transferred to Oculus store. Will I have to buy again on Oculus store or will Quest run Steam games?

    • maestropan

      Since Quest isn’t a PC based platform, I’d imagine you’d have to rebuy any CV1 games you didn’t buy through the Oculus store. Glad I bought mine through Oculus Home.

      • Pablo C

        Are you sure we will be able to download for free the game on the Quest if we already have it on the Oculus store for the Rift? It seems to me the games for the Quest and Rift are different versions, so they might want to charge separately.

        • Engineer_92

          Cross-buy has been confirmed

          • infernovipa

            Confirmed yes, but only if the developer/publisher wishes to do so. Won’t work with Superhot and Beat Saber for example.

    • Sven Viking

      Just mentioning that it may be possible to use a sideloaded app like ALVR to stream Steam VR games to Quest with somewhat uncertain quality.

  • HomeAudio

    No Google Earth? :((((

  • JesuSaveSouls

    Really no games that are interesting to me.This is great for entry vr and family friendly vr.Great for families.I like stuff like big open world sandbox games.Someone will do a hack or like vridge be able to play standalone vr using steamvr.

    • sfmike

      Give it a little time. Try Orbus VR Reborn. Big open world.

      • jj

        i almost went yeah right orbus isnt on here…. and then crapped myself cause that sounds dooooooope!

  • JesuSaveSouls

    Now that dead ad buried 2 and the vadar game makes the buy worth it.$00 is pretty cheap for vr standalone.Most of the game are highly tp reviewed and rated games too. I again look forward to such games like nms vr and that james bond type game coming on the oculs.Jesus God’s Son died for you,He is alive !

    • jj

      we killed jesus for not conforming. he was a dick

      • Simple O’Rourke

        What about Mohammad?

      • Trenix

        You didn’t kill anyone, you’re just an insignificant loser behind a keyboard. Go get a job.

        • jj

          haha butt hurt much?

          • Trenix

            Far from it.

    • 3872Orcs

      You might as well quit with your religious spam, it’s a waste of time. Every time I see your spam I’ll drop a counter measure:
      The Atheist Experience

      You see? It’s pointless.

      Keep the religious nonsense to yourself.

      • d0m1n1c

        If it’s pointless, then why are you letting it bother you so much?

        • 3872Orcs

          Because it’s the least I can do whenever I see the spam. And I kind of enjoy hunting the trolls :p Not feeding the trolls don’t seem to work as people tend to just give them attention anyways is my experience. My strategy then is to try to annoy the trolls as much as possible until a moderator decides to clean up and ban them.

  • Ian Shook

    No Hulu? Amazon Video? Teamviewer? I guess those aren’t games though.

  • Pablo C

    Will a game from the Rift give me the right to use the same game on the Quest, or will I need to buy it twice?

    • Sven Viking

      Depends on the game. A list of games claimed to support cross-buy is listed here:

      • callen

        The list on that other site you posted, lists a lot of cross buy games that aren’t marked with the * above. I wonder which list is accurate? Guess I’ll find out tonight…

  • sfmike

    Glad to see Skybox on the list. Best video/movie player around!

  • Muzufuzo

    I am going to wait until standalone VR has at least 1080 Ti performance and 4K per eye.

    • Sven Viking

      Though by then (in ~2030) people will be saying they’re going to wait until standalone VR has at least 9080 Ti performance and 16K per eye. You know, minimum baseline VR quality.

      • Muzufuzo

        Well, I won’t wait for mobile 9080 Ti performance and 16K per eye, I can be content with less for some time . If people are going to wait even longer then it’s their decision. I don’t buy the whole “you could wait indefinitely” thingy. I won’t wait infinitely, I will wait until things are like I wrote before.

        • Sven Viking

          I don’t mean that so much, just that standards change. Quest resolution is higher than PC VR res was a couple of years ago, and graphics are better than PC graphics many years before that. Once mobile processors catch up to today’s PCs, they’ll be horribly underpowered compared to PC processors of the day.

          Your baseline standard might not have changed by then, but others’ baseline will be entirely different just due to the level of tech they grew up with.

          • jj

            exactly, if someone showed u this 5 years ago it would blow your standards through the roof… its just relative and youre trying to place yourself ahead of everyone else as if you have a choice….

          • Muzufuzo

            Back in 2011, I was contemplating VR and wrote in my journal that VR may start being somewhat bearable with 6 DoF, two 2.1 MPix displays and a 10 teraflops GPU, if coded properly. 100 teraflops, 4K per eye and foveated rendering, in the PC space, is where I thought things would really pick up steam. I am surprised that people are content with less than that but overall sales are still quite low. I just sold both my HTC Vive and my Gear VR. I am going to wait 10-12 years for tech to catch up. My friends were right about VR, 4 years ago, when they said to wait to early 2030s but I was too optimistic and not cautious enough. In 2019, hardware sucks and there is barely any good interesting software can be used for longer than length of a movie without getting bored. I dislike Fallout 4 and Skyrim is almost 8 years old.

  • HomeAudio

    No Google Earth? :(

    • Electric Lunatic

      No Minecraft either

  • MosBen

    Man, really hoping for Star Trek: Bridge Crew.

  • Can’t wait to have mine tomorrow!

  • Peter

    The cross buy info in this article is not totally correct. Apex construct and Creed are cross buy. I just got my quest today and got both of those for free.

  • Adriaan Rijkens

    Creed: Rise to Glory is also cross-buy (at least for me it is :)

    • Adriaan Rijkens

      Same thing for Robo Recall!