rob-jagnowRob Jagnow is a senior software engineer who was a part of Google’s Daydream Lab team that produced over 60 VR prototypes in 30 weeks. 

This team was originally revealed in a WIRED magazine profile of VP of VR Clay Bavor, and this Daydream Labs prototyping team was officially announced by Bavor in his Google I/O talk on VR at Google. The Daydream Labs team gave a really amazing talk at Google I/O titled Lessons Learned from VR Prototyping, which had a lot of great VR design insights across the three areas of interactions, immersion, and social VR. I had a chance to catch up with Rob Jagnow at Google I/O, and dig a bit deeper into some his favorite prototypes, lessons learned, and design principles that were driving these VR experiments.


To keep track of VR developments at Google, then you can follow their Google VR Twitter account, and keep an eye on any VR tagged posts on the Google Developers Blog.

Here’s the Daydream Labs Drum Keys prototype for text entry in VR that uses Vive controllers:

Here’s a direct link to the Daydream Labs: Lessons Learned from VR Prototyping session where you can see more of the prototypes in action. You can watch more videos about VR from Google I/O by looking at the playlist on the new Google VR YouTube channel.

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  • Nikolay Shargan

    Nice solution for user input (Drum Keys).