Detailed Inventory and Wireless or Wired Controllers

The setup guide also reveals the full inventory of the HTC Vive Developer Edition kit which actually has a surprising number of pieces, including versatile mounting hardware for the Lighthouse base stations.

htc-vive-steamvr-setup-guide-pamplet-step-inventoryStep 13 notes that the “Included hardware allows basestations to be mounted to walls, ceilings, shelves or directly to a standard tripod. A braced floor to ceiling pole is also a good alternative.”

htc-vive-steamvr-setup-guide-pamplet-step-13Later in the guide, in Steps 23 and 24, we can see that the wireless controllers can be converted to wired controllers by inserting the included USB adapter boards into each controller and plugging in with a Micro USB cable.

Last But Not Least…

htc-vive-steamvr-setup-guide-pamplet-step-32…as your friend sits bored to hell off to the side because he can’t see anything you’re seeing!


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  • SuperDre

    “The pamphlet explicitly says that “Space for eyewear can be created” using the eye-relief adjustment.”

    uhh, what pamphlet are you talking about, because the one which is linked with the article doesn’t mention “eye-relief” at all, all it says is:

    “Space for eyewear can be created by extending
    face gasket out and re-tightening inside knob.
    Having lenses closer to your eye results in better
    field of view.”

    And if you look closely to the bottom of the Oculus teaser of the consumer version, you also see a slider, which I presume might be the physical IDP button…

    • Ben Lang

      The adjustment alters the distance between the eye and lens—the DK1 and DK2 have similar mechanisms for adjusting this distance—this is called eye-relief. You are right that the pamphlet doesn’t use those word specifically, the quotes indicate which parts were taken verbatim from the pamphlet and which are our own words.