A survey sponsored by HTC America is currently open on SurveyGizmo, with the option to enter a prize draw, which includes three Vive systems and seven gift cards worth $100 – $150. The sweepstakes is open to US residents, ending August 4th; full terms and conditions are detailed on the official Vive blog.

The 10-15 minute ‘experiences with VR’ survey is for HTC’s ‘research purposes only’, aiming to gather some general VR usage data and purchasing habits. The questions range from VR awareness and usage to gaming systems and how comfortable the individual is with various technologies. It begins by gauging the person’s interest in VR, their sources of VR information, and what VR systems they own or have tried. If you have one or more VR systems, you’ll be asked specific usage questions, regarding where it is set up, the dimensions of the play area, and what apps or games you typically enjoy.

With the Vive’s dominating performance on the SteamVR platform, the expanding Viveport app store and subscription service, along with their upcoming involvement with the Daydream platform, HTC is obviously very interested in the way people access and purchase VR entertainment, productivity apps, and content, asking about what influences purchasing decisions, the frequency and value of purchases, including in-app purchasing.

A section of the survey also asks about users phone habits, including which devices they own and how long they’ve owned the phone. This is of course of interest to HTC who is first and foremost a phone company but has only dipped their toe into smartphone VR space with the ‘Link’ mobile VR headset that works with their U11 smartphone launching only in Japan.

Some Users Won't Need to Wear Vive Trackers Soon Thanks to Upcoming AI Body Tracking Update

Winners of the prize drawing will be contacted by August 4th, with gift card winners taking home an $100 Amazon card or a $150 Viveport card.

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The trial version of Microsoft’s Monster Truck Madness probably had something to do with it. And certainly the original Super Mario Kart and Gran Turismo. A car nut from an early age, Dominic was always drawn to racing games above all other genres. Now a seasoned driving simulation enthusiast, and former editor of Sim Racer magazine, Dominic has followed virtual reality developments with keen interest, as cockpit-based simulation is a perfect match for the technology. Conditions could hardly be more ideal, a scientist once said. Writing about simulators lead him to Road to VR, whose broad coverage of the industry revealed the bigger picture and limitless potential of the medium. Passionate about technology and a lifelong PC gamer, Dominic suffers from the ‘tweak for days’ PC gaming condition, where he plays the same section over and over at every possible combination of visual settings to find the right balance between fidelity and performance. Based within The Fens of Lincolnshire (it’s very flat), Dominic can sometimes be found marvelling at the real world’s ‘draw distance’, wishing virtual technologies would catch up.
  • Firestorm185

    Quite the interesting survey! One of the only one’s as of late that were actually interesting to fill out. xD I’d definitely recommend it! ^^

  • Mr. New Vegas

    The most important part of the poll was:

    What is your gender?
    1. Female
    2. Male
    3. Non-binary/third gender
    4. Prefer to self-describe: (A goat?!) Great trolling oportunity
    5. Prefer not to say

    Its like it was made by insane Tumbler SJW.

    • Mike

      I’m entering “Attack Helicopter”.

      • Mr. New Vegas

        If you want a chance to win the lottery, dont enter something too ridiculous, but entering Male into ‘Prefer to self-describe’ filed is a win-win, both honest truth and troll on the whole culture of gender fluid gazillion genders.

        • Mike

          Haha, too late. It’s probably chosen randomly anyway.

          The sane, scientifically-sound options would be:
          1.) Male
          2.) Female
          3.) Trans / Gender Dysphoric

          Why can’t we all just be sane and stick to science?

          Of course, these options are assuming the definition of gender as “the sex your brain is structured as / makes you believe you should be”. Strangely, two entirely different definitions of the word are used by the same people at different times, yet they act like the two definitions are interchangeable, leading to logical contradictions such as “gender is completely social conditioning, but transgender people are born the opposite gender as their sex”.

          • Lucidfeuer

            Because sexe is not gender. sexe is as you describe, gender is not a social but psychological construct. Therefor “attack helicopter” is not a stretch if you’re brain was actually wired so that you somehow feel like an attack helicopter.

            Gender theories simply got completely crap-over by recent tumblr SJW degenerates who never read Judith Buttler and don’t understand the word they use.

          • Mr. New Vegas

            The main issue is with proving it, if they can prove it than its BS.
            Especially that crap about gender “fluid”, its a joke.

          • Lucidfeuer

            It’s not bullshit, you don’t “prove” psychology. Freud psychanalysis is not “proven”, with human science the brain cannot be studied like a plant cell or a mechanical machine.

            Therefor gender “fluid” could for exemple very well mean that periodic hormonal fluctuation tends to influence different neurological sexual envies or expression depending on the period, like those times you just want to fuck a girl and those time you just want to chill/cuddle with one. These could be perceived as two “genders” fluctuation or at least gender nuances depending on the period, therefor gender fluidity.

            The problem is that incredibly stupid degenerates who aren’t smart enough to master what turns out to be complex notions which either need exhaustive descriptions or simply need not be described like it was the case before, have entrapped it in bullshit categories/naming thus limited, forced and alienated tons of people’s natural but ultra complex sexuality.

          • Liberty0rDeath

            This is like the climax of the 6th sense. Lucidfeuer, you may not realize it, but you too are SJW degenerate. I bet you have a degree in gender studies.

    • RockstarRepublic

      Didn’t you know, there are now 69 new genders!! Wait, just in now its up to 70. It has to be true, an obese purple haired Karl Marx loving Gender Studies lecturer said so!

      In truth, options 3-4 help them weed out the insane.

  • US only… why??

  • Lucidfeuer

    I think that if VR companies did more real-world surveys and interviews, they’d be…well closer to reality than with all the dubious marketing and consulting reports they seem to get.

  • MReal

    Did anyone actually receive an email back from Vive on the sweepstake?