PlayStation VR Unboxing


PlayStation VR is nearly here and we’ve got an unboxing to tide you over until its launch in just two weeks.

Sony’s PSVR is the first console-based VR headset to hit the market and also the most affordable of the big three headsets (which includes the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift). After opening pre-orders earlier this year and quickly selling them out, Sony is just two weeks shy from putting PlayStation VR out the door.

Sony’s filmed their own official unboxing (above), and we’ve got our hands on the headset with plenty of high resolution unboxing photos.

Stay tuned for more PlayStation VR coverage from Road to VR heading up to launch.

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  • victor

    can’t wait

  • Hbomb48

    So hyped about this. I wonder how long the cables are? Hopefully there will be a few meters worth. I’ve got as ps4 pro pre ordered but if the VR works fine on my launch model I will cancel it until the benefits of it for VR become clear. Wish they’d stuck a 4k Blu ray player on it.

    • Barry Harden

      Everyone keeps talking about the Ultra Blu-Ray player but at the end of the day very few are willing to pay the money for these discs. Everyone is paying for Netflix for a small monthly fee and streaming an UNLIMITED amount of 4k titles.

    • Marty8370

      Ultra Blu-ray would have upped the cost of PS4 Pro.

  • Thanks for the beautiful photos… since I don’t have a PS4 (and so I won’t have a PSVR), seeing it so clearly is very interesting for me…

    • Get Schwifty!

      You might change your mind once you get access – fully plan on one of these alongside Rift+Touch myself.

  • DoubleD

    So which part does the actual motion tracking?
    Don’t tell me you have to buy a separate move camera … that would be a horrible decision.
    It is bad enough to needing to buy it to be able to use the move controllers and do roomscale.

    Still, I hope it gets VR through to the mainstream.

    • Tomas Polcic

      Yes, the camera is needed and not included.

      • Junk

        The camera is included in the launch bundle I purchased on Amazon.

    • Mirimon

      This unboxing is of JUST the vr headset, there are bundles that come with the required for tracking 3d camera, and a couple move wands.
      I also want to remind you that these products have been around for a while and you can get the wands for supure cheap almost Mint condition used.

      It is sold in a variety packages because some people already have portions of the hardware…

    • Marty8370

      Yes you require a PS camera, Move controllers are optional

  • RipVoid

    Sony is probably getting it right. Yes, its a less ambitious system but thats fine. They have never promised more and its priced appropriately.

  • Simon Wood

    Thanks for video and photos. Although I don’t own a PS4, I am somewhat hopeful that the hackers/makers of the world will jump on the PSVR and make it work on PC. Standardized connections (HDMI/USB) will make this easier, although the camera still uses the ‘AUX’ connection (really USB3 without USB2 fallback). Can imagine that USB captures would be extremely well received.
    There is already user-land implementations for PS-Move, hopefully these can be extended and made to work with PSVR.
    IFAIK the full functionality ‘processing unit’ is not yet known, I believe that it has been said that it does _something_ to make the PS4 menus work in VR – so maybe it is doing some HDMI capture and re-projection which would be interesting, but in order for this to happen it must be getting camera info to enable yaw compensation.
    Anyway excited that it’s coming, it will be fun to hack…

    • Marty8370

      All the processing unit is for is for re-projection too HDTV

      • Simon Wood

        Not saying you are wrong; but I have seen the following quoted several places…. “It displays PS4’s system software interface in cinematic mode, handling the display of traditional 2D content”.

        So it might well be doing HDMI capture (fps?) to place on a virtual screen within a tracked sphere.

        Its _primary_ purposes are social screen de-distort and positional audio rendering.

      • Simon Wood

        Also from Best Buy’s page:
        “Can also be used to play non-VR PlayStation 4 games and non-VR movies; non-VR content is presented in a virtual theatre, letting you use PlayStation VR as a second screen when someone else wants to use the TV”


  • Wagoo

    So, still no sign of physical IPD adjustment, right? Did they learn nothing with the demand for DK2 lens spacers?

  • SimplyThom

    Is that a power brick shown in the photographs. I don’t mind as i was never bothered by the one on my Xbox but i remember a lot of anti power brick comments from the xbox one launch.