Following several months of delays, the last we heard from Meta was that they expected the Meta 2 AR dev kit to begin “volume shipping” in August. Now as we approach the end of the month it appears that the company is confident about ramping up shipping and says the headset’s $950 pre-order price will expire on Monday, August 28th, after which it will be raised to $1,500.

Meta announced the Meta 2 dev kit back in early 2016 and expected to begin shipping the headset at the end of that year. That didn’t quite pan out, and in July 2017 the company acknowledged that they ran into manufacturing issues. At the beginning of August they said they expected to begin “volume shipping” in mid-Q3, and it seems that projection was on track.

Image courtesy Meta

The company has finally removed the “pre-order” language from their website (in favor of “order”) , and the order page now specifies that the pre-order pricing of $950 is still available until Monday, August 28th, after which it will be raised to $1,500. Given the wording (“the pre-order price is expiring on Monday”), it isn’t clear if that means that the deadline is the end of the day Sunday, or the end of the day Monday (or which timezone). We’ve reached out to the company for clarity.

Interested in the Meta 2? We gave a hands-on overview of the headset back in 2016, and more recently got an exclusive look through the lens.

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  • Lucio Lima

    Comprometam-se a começar a enviar até o final de 2016 mas até agora nada… E agora lançam esse ultimato: “pré-pedido de $ 950 do fone de ouvido caducará na segunda-feira, 28 de Agosto, após o qual ele será aumentado para US $ 1.500”. Enfim, e quem nos garante que isto não é um golpe ??? Porque até agora só temos visto (falsas) promessas!

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    • Andrew Jakobs

      This is an english speaking site, so please speak/type english.

  • Jean-Sebastien Perron

    So you have to pay to do their job : test and dev for it?

  • Smokey_the_Bear

    Is the pre-order version, the same exact unit as the retail version?

  • demol

    Wait, weren’t these supposed to be available like last year ? So tired of the endless preorders and countless devkits… hard pass on me

  • guest

    They must be paying a fortune for those frontpage ads they are putting on Facebook, or rather you pre-ordering people are paying the fortune. Tried a demo at SIGGRAPH and I must say it had pretty good tracking, but the vendor had the gesture recognition turned off for some reason. No comprendo falsas promessas, ha ha