Sony’s E3 press conference saw a rush of reveals coming to the company’s PlayStation 4 headset PSVR, including a full release of Skyrim VR coming in November and a list of VR exclusives soon to follow. Among them is the stylized and the ever so cool Superhot VR (2016) finally coming to PSVR.

Update (07/18/17): Superhot Team revealed that the launch date in Europe is on 19 July and 21 July in North America. Superhot VR will cost $24.99 for each version (VR and non-VR), or together in a bundle for $39.99.

While currently only available on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive since its initial release back in December, Superhot VR is officially coming to PlayStation VR on 19th July in Europe, and on 21st July in North America, launching alongside Superhot for PS4. Both PS4 game and PSVR-only Superhot VR will cost $24.99 separately, or together in a ‘Mind is Software’ bundle for $39.99.

Reviewing on Oculus Rift with Touch, we rated Superhot VR a solid 9.1/10. It’s a seriously fun title that gives you a bullet-time mechanic that translates phenomenally well to VR. Like a living puzzle, each bullet/punch/explosion is an opportunity to feel like the action hero-badass you always wished you were. While there isn’t much of a story to follow, it’s certainly an unabashedly unique and heart-pumping game currently out for VR headsets. Despite only clocking in at a little over 2 hours of gameplay, it’s one of those games you’ll pick up again and again, if only to show your friends just how cool you can feel while grabbing a pistol out of a bad guy’s hand, shattering another guy with a punch and shooting down a row of the offending crystalline red guys from across the room.

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After playing the Oculus version of Superhot VR, Road to VR Executive Editor Ben Lang had this to say:

Every movement matters. Every pull of the trigger counts. My body is anchored inside the virtual world because I have to dodge punches, knives, and bullets—it’s interacting with me in a significant way. Enemies aim well, and you have to dodge better to stay alive. Like Neo stopping the bullets for the first time at the end of The Matrix, I wanted to be able to hold up my hand and say “No,” to what I knew in an instant was the end of the game that had come a bit too soon. But, despite my training, I was not The One.

We haven’t seen pre-order up for the PSVR version of Superhot VR yet, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled and update as more info comes in.

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  • HoriZon


  • NooYawker

    I hate this game because I just broke my Vive controller playing this. *cry*

    • Caven


      When it comes to the ability to throw things in VR, the slo-mo nature of this game makes it quite possibly the safest VR game I’ve experienced yet. How did you manage to break a controller?

      Edit: Genuinely curious, as I’ve been working on VR development, and try to be aware of any sort of in-game actions that can lead to damaged controllers or surroundings.

      • Raphael

        You can’t make a vr game idiot proof. Even if you made a vr game where person only rotates wrists… someone will still smash controller into a wall or tv.

        • Caven

          Yeah, I know responsibility ultimately rests in the hands of the end-user. But still, I’d like to do my part to limit the potential for damaged hardware. I’ve already had someone smack one of my controllers so hard it dented the plastic, caused the trigger to partially jam, and popped a seam open far enough that I could see the electronics inside. Fortunately, I was able to fully repair the controller. I’ve also witnessed someone get smashed hard on the top of the head by someone else swinging their controller too enthusiastically.

          I don’t want to restrict the kinds of motions people can do in a game, but at the same time I want to make sure a person doesn’t feel the need to aggressively swing a controller to accomplish something. I’ve played a number of VR titles where throwing something a long distance feels harder to do than in real life, which encourages a person to swing the controller as hard as they can. I think it’s possible to resolve this at least partially by adding a boost to thrown objects so they can go farther than they would if thrown by the person in reality using the same force. It makes sense from a gameplay perspective, because if you’re playing a genetically-engineered supersoldier, your real-life muscles shouldn’t be the limiting factor. Basically, I’m trying to encourage players to slow down a bit, but if Superhot VR–the current gold standard for slowing a player down in an action game–can still result in broken controllers, I’m very interested in knowing why. I just want to make sure I’m not missing some otherwise foreseeable problem.

  • Raphael

    I like the style of the game. I just can’t tolerate short play experiences. If it ever gets full core gameplay content I will buy again.

  • Oscar

    Just look how generous the PC scene are, giving away exclusives to the console scene like this. But Sony entertainment just wants their exclusives to themselves… Oculus isn’t any better tbh, with there exclusives.

    This exclusiveness BS must stop.

    • Toby Zuijdveld

      “giving away exclusives to the console scene like this. But Sony entertainment just wants their exclusives to themselves”
      Yeah, like Batman, and Battlezone…

      Just stop.

      • Oscar

        Batman? It was never an exclusive and had nothing to do with sony. And when it came to the PC it was just a shitty port with the latest installment being a broken fiasco.

        Just look at the long list of exclusives the ps conslows has, while were just handing away titles to the conslow lowbobs… It makes me sick!

        You stop.

        • Toby Zuijdveld

          “Batman? It was never an exclusive and had nothing to do with sony. And when it came to the PC it was just a shitty port with the latest installment being a broken fiasco.”
          Umm, what site do you think we’re on? We’re talking about VR games here.

          Anyway, you’ve now made it clear that you don’t care about the VR industry and you’re just salty because you’re an elitist snob with one less ‘win’ under their belt. Please do enjoy missing out on some of the greatest games VR has to offer.

          • Oscar

            Ahaha.. Wrecked serbian bald fu*k! I’ll buy a VR headset and jump on the VR train when someone offers a good enough headset. Right now they are shyte!

          • Toby Zuijdveld

            lol Oh so you not only know nothing about the topic you chose to vomit a comment about but also nothing about VR as a whole. Well, at least the trend remains stable I suppose.

    • Sadaharu

      Not sure if trolling or pure retard.

      • Toby Zuijdveld

        I think an opinion can be solidified after his reply :p