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Are you a big fan of K-POP groups? Here is something you would never want to miss out on to make your fantasy come true. VENTA X, an 8K 3D Virtual Reality (VR) K-POP content app, released a VR concert ‘Girls In Wonderland’ featuring OH MY GIRL and Lee Chaeyeon. You can watch the concert yourself through the VENTA X app on Meta Quest or PICO.

This incredibly immersive show invites K-POP fans to the most dramatic experience since it gives them the unique opportunity to fully enjoy the artists’ performances from a distance where they can even make eye contact. On top of that, the narrative that connects the two artists’ hit songs and the use of mesmerizing CG provide viewers with an engaging experience.

Before releasing the VR content on the app, VENTA VR showcased the full version of the concert in various CGV movie theaters around Korea for K-POP fans who do not own VR devices. VR screenings took place in Goyang Baekseok, Hongdae, and Yeongdeungpo CGV theaters from November 3rd to 5th, followed by screenings in Busan Seomyeon Sangsang Madang and Gangnam CGV theaters from November 11th to 12th.

Fans experiencing the VR concert for the first time had significant reactions, saying, “It seemed like the singers were right under my nose,” “Though I’m new to this kind of VR performance, I liked that there was no motion sickness,” and “It’s even better than sitting in the first row of an in-person concert.” The show consistently received favorable feedback, and some viewers were so impressed with their experience that they rewatched it several times.

VENTA VR, a Korean immersive production company, launched the VENTA X app on Meta Quest in January. The app holds the most K-POP VR content and provides user-friendly services by interacting with fans who are unfamiliar with VR. Users can also enjoy VR experiences on various in-person sites, including festivals, pop-up stores, and birthday cafes. With “The Oulim in London” held at Saatchi Gallery in October and “CONTENT TOKYO” scheduled for next month, fans from around the world are not exempt from participation.

Regarding VENTA X’s move to broaden VR opportunities for diverse K-POP fans, VENTA VR’s CEO, WooYeol Jeon, stated, “Now is the time to expand ideal VR experiences with high-quality VR content. VENTA X will pave the way for the popularization of VR by creating a culture of enjoying K-POP through VR.”

‘Girls In Wonderland’ VR concert was released on VENTA X on November 15th, 2023, at 5:00 PM KST. The concert is available for $20.99 after downloading the VENTA X app from Meta Quest’s App Lab and the PICO Store.

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