Virtual Virtual Reality, a VR gem which first launched on Daydream in 2017 and later on Oculus Go and Rift earlier this year, appears to be on its way to the HTC Vive via Steam.

Though there doesn’t appear to have been an official announcement yet from developer Tender Claws, a Virtual Virtual Reality page on Steam has been spotted sporting HTC Vive support and a release date of September 2018.

Virtual Virtual Reality began its life as a Daydream exclusive in 2017 and was launched on Oculus Go earlier this year; it’s a unique narrative adventure and easily one of the most immersive games available on mobile VR headsets. The game eventually found its way to the PC VR space when it launched for the Oculus Rift in June, where it’s enjoyed strong reviews from users.

The trailer page offers a hint of what you can expect from Virtual Virtual Reality, but it’s really something that you’ll need to explore on your own:

We recently spoke with the game’s Interaction Designer, Mitch Mastroni, about the design approach behind Virtual Virtual Reality.

While it looks like Vive users will soon have a chance to step into the unique world of Virtual Virtual Reality come September, developer Tender Claws is cooking up a new VR project with the backing of Oculus, set for 2019.

Thanks to Michel for the tip!

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  • gothicvillas

    maybe its ok for mobile vr but for PC vr this is too simple. Not sure if devs should even bother with mobileVR shovelware for pc.

    • benz145

      Have you played it on PC?

      • Justin Davis

        I have it for Rift. I didn’t really like it because it didn’t make much sense, and it was very repetitive. It felt like tedious trial and error. I gave it at least 2 hours.

  • Andrew McEvoy

    Really enjoying this game. Witty and very imaginative. Some of the best dialogue in a game on any platform. A must buy for me.