VorpX is a tool which adapts many non-VR games to be played with VR headsets. A new update adds automatic configuration for both GTA V and Red Dead Redemption II, offering an optimized out-of-the-box VR experience with minimal fiddling.

VorpX supports a long list of games, allowing users play them using a VR headset along with various adaptations that make them more suitable and comfortable in VR. While the app doesn’t add core VR functionality like hand-tracking, for many games it adds head-tracking, stereoscopy, and other tweaks that make non-VR games playable inside the headset.

VorpX has a huge range of options allowing players to tweak games to feel right in VR, but this can be an involved process. Luckily the software includes built-in ‘FullVR’ configurations for specific games which makes them ready to play in VR right out of the box.

The latest version of VorpX, v21.2.1, now includes ‘connection mods’ for GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2 which automatically configure the games for “a great out-of-the box FullVR experience.”

“The connection mods implement perfect 1:1 headtracking, decoupled walk/look/aim, auto switching to EdgePeek in cutscenes and menu screens for improved comfort, and unique VR optimized cameras for both games that get rid of nauseating head bobbing and whenever possible the equally nauseating moments where the games briefly take away control, e.g. when entering a car or mounting a horse,” the developer writes.

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VorpX has been available in active development since at least 2013 and has seen regular updates adding new features and growing the list of supported games. It supports all Oculus, SteamVR, and WMR headsets.

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  • 3872Orcs

    Is it worth buying VorpX now for this? How is the framerate? Can I get a stable 90hz refresh rate?

    • geronimo

      The game is getting DLSS soon, so it should help with VorpX. UploadVR has an article about it., The thing about VorpX is if you’re prone to motion sickness especially from lack of snap turning you might not have a great time.

    • Rosko

      Not not worth it for this. It far from perfect and more of a novelty thing to try. GTA runs much better than rdr I’m on a 3090. It is somewhat surreal in RdR the way the Npcs react to you but the graphics and detail is not quite there. Vorpx is best played in cinema mode with games that are not first person in my opinion.

      • Des Dearman

        Vorpx is best played in cinema mode with games that are not first person in my opinion

        Totally, all about the 3rd person for me personally. Every time i get suckered in to buying a first person game, the scale and image quality doesn’t compare to anything native VR. Some kind of work like Deus EX and Titanfall, but you know they’d be a lot better native.

        VorpX is totally worth it though, ace for platformers, strategy in G3D, 3rd person games.

        • Rosko

          Yeah i think the way it has to zoom the image you loose the resolution & then control method being mouse & keyboard or gamepad also doesn’t help in first person. I do think as GFX cards get faster we will experience it better maybe in future years.

        • Cless

          So much this. I think its amazing at making regular games into 3D, with some of the geometry reconstructed games into the ultimate way of playing that game.

          • Des Dearman

            Try NBA 2k21 if you want to see that done at it’s best.

            The game is so cinematic, in geo 3D it practically looks real.

        • johann jensson

          Black Mesa was great in VorpX. Bummer that the game itself wasn’t as good (i hated the Xen adaptation – it was more “Disneyland on crack” than Xen)…

    • Des Dearman

      A lot better now you can use it directly with OpenXR.

    • Cless

      For this? No. It does not make your games VR, its very very rare when it does and that working fine. Vorpx is AMAZING at making your pancake games into 3D games.

      It varies from game to game, but it ranges from, “movie theater like 3D” in most games, to “damn that is a window into another world” in some of the games, to a very rare “damn I’m inside this world”.

      • johann jensson

        Well said! IMO, you buy VorpX only once, and then have access to a vast catalog of PC games, including RDR2 and of course most of the top popular single player games that will come in the next years.

  • Ad

    One thing I’d love to see is them adding some in VR overlay functionality. Especially for something like an in VR steering wheel to control to driving games. And something to ease the transition from standing to sitting.

  • starchaser28

    Just tried it out with GTAV and it’s really cool. Definitely takes a high-end PC to run it, my 2070 super feels like barely enough. I’d love to see AC Origins and Odyssey like this!

    • Foreign Devil

      Ah I only have a 1080. I wanted to play GTA V which I got for free from Unreal. I’ll have to upgrade GPU then..

  • kakek

    How do this compare to R.E.A.L mods, for both games ?
    I mean, both game already have VR Mods ( free for GTA, patreon only for RDR2 ).

    Is Vorpx managing to offer a better experience for either game ? Or even just line up ?

    • david vincent

      REAL mod sucks for me, the alternate eye rendering makes all the moving stuff (cars, pedestrians…) flickering, that’s terrible. It’s less jarring if you can play at higher framerates but still very noticeable.
      I much prefer Vorpx + Z3D mode

      • JDawg

        You can turn off alternate rendering off on the REAL mods. Then you get other cool features like 6dof head tracking in vehicles and other stuff.

        • Totius

          alternate rendering is used to improve performance, I guess. If you turn it down, you would get worse problems.

        • david vincent

          Playing without stereoscopy ? Yeah no I still prefer the false 3D of Vorpx (Z3D)

    • M.M

      REAL mod has no actual 3D, other than that it works as intended.

  • st3v

    Perhaps vorpx will add a dlss option next week, and we will get a decent performance !

  • JDawg

    No mention of the Luke Ross REAL mods?
    You’ll get a much better experience with the REAL mods that include 6DOF head tracking and many other niceties.

    • M.M

      Yeah but you won’t get actual 3D, it’s great for the flat “VR” but the 3D being AFR kills it imo, definitely more fluid than with vorpX but that isn’t saying much given that vorpX is actually using G3D. Last big vorpX update added AFR too which is somewhat better than the REAL mod but i can’t get used to it, would be great for a slow game but an fps like GTAV just no…

  • Totius

    Does anybody have a comparison between this last vorpx version and Luke ross great mod?

  • snapmacker

    So RoadToVR has zero coverage of Luke Ross’s RDR2 mod, but will copy/paste a press release for Vorpx? Seems pretty clear that quid pro quo is influencing the editorial decisions. Lame.

  • johann jensson

    I vote for VorpX as most important software of the last 10 years, in the gaming area. I certainly regard VorpX as high as Photoshop (and i use the latter professionally, so take it for what it’s worth… []-)

    That developer is a magician. Why nVidia has still not bought VorpX is a mystery to me.

  • Beholder Tyrant

    I want play yesterday, but RDR2 3x crash during loadscreen (may due new patch), GTA5 crash after 5 minutes ingame… so.. unplayable for me