Cross-platform VR app store WEARVR has taken the wraps off of several new features including a self-submission system and storefront functionality for developers to sell their apps.

WEARVR is a cross-platform VR app store which offers VR games and experiences across the major VR platforms including the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Gear VR, and Google Cardboard.

The store has recently opened a self-submission portal allowing developers to submit VR apps to the store. Along with this comes storefront functionality allowing developers to able to sell their content through the store with a 75/25% revenue split which beats the Apple and Android app store norm of 70/30% by 5% in favor of the developers.


For developers already selling their apps elsewhere (iOS or Android, for instance) the store allows listings which link through to those other app stores (including listing the proper price), allowing increased discovery even if the developer doesn’t want to sell their title through WEARVR.

wearvr user backendAfter submitting their games, developers can now continuously edit the listings as needed and charge different prices for different versions of the app made for different platforms. The developer backend now also offers analytics. User accounts now have access to download and order history as well.

WEARVR recently announced that they’ve passed 500,000 downloads through their store.

Disclosure: At the time of publishing, WEARVR is running ads on Road to VR.

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  • user

    Smi leaked new gear vr tech :)
    Id like to hear what the sceptics say about the fps improvements which according to them should be negligible on everything smaller than 4k.

    • MasterElwood

      you are completely OT dude…

      • user

        No way… how do you know?!

  • Stephen Jones

    Talking about ads I requested about running ads and got no response. Also interesting when I tried launching an app service a couple of years ago called Vrexperience I got so much grief for wanting a small share of revenue, hope wearvr do not run into that problem.

  • realtrisk

    “I don’t have any programming or creative talent, so I’ll make a webpage and suck profits off of real developers! Have you seen the revenue Valve makes off Steam? Who cares if this kind of service exists in a multitude of other places? The world needs another redundant app store with another username and password to remember! People love the extra complexity of having their game purchases spread out over countless web stores and front ends! Finding where you purchased that one game from a long time ago becomes half the fun of life! Move over Steam, GOG, Origin, Oculus Store, etc. etc. etc.” -signed, the WEARVR CEO.